Chess Trick to Win Fast in 4 Moves

Two wrong dont make a right, trust meif you keep going left you're gonna end up right back where you started.Thank you for preventing SO many kitchen clean up disasters and food from being ruined.24:58 when my opponent offers a draw in a dead endgame.5 minutes of pre-game crap, dislike.And I know no one better then I know you.It is a real gift you have for relating to people.Can we make this is in wheat flour instead of maida?Oh and great work as always.

Carlsen should stream more often.At 13:20 why Nd3 and not Nd5?Most people do not look outside the obvious when playing chess.I dont get how he does it.Despite his success Josef Prusa is still grounded and focuses on innovation and supporting new ideas with the Lab.Love to Miyazaki.Might be displacement value high on resin therefore tether sub from base and allow it to rise with the resin pour.I think capablanca is agad favourite player.

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Too hav shex wid im.

S) game below next.I downloaded the plans and the file is corrupted.That's really a fantastic game, it's crazy the amount of thought that is needed to play at this level.Just found your channel last week, fast favorite.You have an ugly codestyle tbh.There's so much spam and scammers unfortunately on Upwork and Freelancer that i deleted my account.King has a massive advantage.White bishop and pawn can't be on same b2see the vedic on 53 seconds and 58.I learned a lot from this lecture.

Great video Kramer.I have listen, begrudgingly, to many chess annotators but you are the leader by far.That's how we can develope comprehensive chess knowledge.Most natural move my ass.At 10mins into the session he, with 18sec left, says this guy should "resign, I have way too much time".I am stuck here from 2 days, i just don't find any configuration that work, i have all libraries installedhere is my errorError while detecting libraries included by C:UsersUserAppDataLocalTemparduinobuild633232sketchSd2Card.Perfect technic titan!What program are you using there in the beginning?

You just have to "guts" it out till you have enough material advantage to push your pawns for the win.All of your videos have been extremely helpful to me!Sao anh ko ni ln cho m.Knight's tours aren't really all that hard to do, and can even be done on different sizes and shapes of boards.I have been using silicone pieces in my public school chess clubs for several years now with great success.Why is the "sorry about that " at the beginning of every game?I might have to use this idea on a future build!Louis should just fck off, I'll never watch their channel again!Does anyone actually watch the food scientist.

Back then, I just went out to Home Depot and bought a square drive socket set and never had a problem since.That is s work of art!Excellent lecture.You should have filled the back with a flesh colored resin to make really pop.Great tune up video!Lou just wants to whip everyone into a frenzy.

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I wish I also had someone else paying for the tools

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Botvinnik top 3 all time for underrated....he made it look easy

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I think he may have meant the board Jerry uses to illustrate the work done by his massively powerful cerebral cortex.

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Limitless games


could you tell me where you purchased this product???


the idea itself is quite amazing, never seen something like this. Could really be the future with an improved version. But pretty hard to program i think, but definitely something to look out for

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this is my chess set made


It just goes diagonal hahaha


Love the interlude music. Nothing like a little Bossa Nova to help the time pass.

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9:34 the second time the door opens or closes 9:45 again....10:33/34 again?? 12:22 whaattt??? In the forest???14:29/30....the door....a blow??? OMG!!19:14/15...woman voice that sing??


Awesome work, great video. I admire and appreciate this a lot... being honest, since I don't have the skills to accomplish such thing like this, the video helped me to understand that I will definitely buy a router.: )

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Great delivery style in the description of the steps, very easy to understand, and loved the humor.

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