Chess Titans Beating Level 1 and 2

When i first saw this I was like nooo so much gold in the plates.Louis chess club please take note.Where's the couch?If yes are they any good?Anybody know the name of the song at 36:30?Look a like carla abellana.Good movie please upload Ben Johnson.

3:36 Featuring guy who does not know that they are filming.Oru mazha nananja feel.Well that was intense lol.

7:24 bangke moment sih.

7:24 bangke moment sih.

Maybe I am overthinking this, but assuming both players played with the strategy you described then the first player would win most of the time.More Peter Svidler hes just such a cool guy.I saw the second game it was nezhmetdinov vs chernikov.Mob:- 6204857105.Example: Listint primeNumbers new List int()primeNumbers.Put it on a shirt already!You should have used RFID, to id each piece.Some omissions: Kansas - Carry on Wayward Son.Before the blunder d6 the eval was 7.Omg this was so helpful.

Good after pretty pink.Ok being honest, Im the noob here, So tell me how to opon it?It's amazing, very amazing."You were beating Mike Kummer then you hung mate in 1.Sacrifice them 39 times for youtube content.So there was some chance that Fischer could have lost his title in 1975.

If e(root163pi) was in fact a whole number, wouldn’t that mean that e and pi wouldn’t be transcendental?That is extremely impressive!Agadmator Are you ready for that 500,000 subscribers ?Teacher said id get it back at the end of the year.Is she Annie wang at 4:20 comment?Tal vez sea porque su lengua materna no es el espaol.Ah so I should NOT have gotten baked before this video.That's a clearly false statement the other two solutions are counterexamples.

RIP to all of his victims.I have one of those exact radios from my grandfather.824 videos10 minutes each get me to8240 minuteswhich is 137.How did he solve this very quickly !Start in the basement and work your way up pretty cool.It is professional.Our Pop, a most practical man, fashioned tiny glue-on replacement holes for those most worn-out LPs.The second that one dude said maria ho?I want zachs turtleneck.

Backround song please.You should come investigate something here in Kingston, it's where I live.There were multiple deaths that could have been prevented had the police departments actually done their jobs.This is more of a board issue and not piece issue.I have a Milwaukee circular saw.Full of trick and as name suggest a Magician from Riga.Hmm,a bit of wood or rubber between the vise jaws and the steel stock would stop the screeching when filing the blade.I made an android game called HyperDarts.

Galaxy YT

Time is money Money is Time Simple Answer.

Clyde Balcom

That's beautiful.

Milky Way

Why rook doesn't capture knight on e3? It would then mate by qxg7 by black.

David Mbonu

Um after Nxe4 Re8 (6:15) how is Nxg5 not just a free piece? If fxg5 there’s Rxh6 with a beautiful mate..If Nxg5 Rxd4 you have Nf7 intermezzo

Ghans horse shoe

When you sacrife a piece like tal but loses like me in chess


9.8 million lmfao, don't care how nice it is it doesn't cost nowhere near that to make, love to know who the mug was who bought it.Makes me wonder how these people get so rich if they're daft enough to pay that for a chess piece.

Richard Rich

Nicely done ! It has its own character. When I saw it all finished I had this vision of seeing a King and Queen playing chess together by using the this chess board.

James Ross

I recently discovered a phone app for Hnefatafl games. Even on an easy difficulty it’s sometimes very difficult. Love it though!

Hob iT

what the hell did just walk in at 0:52 ?

Steve Lengyel

I think I can do this one. Wish me luck.

Adrian Esteban Donado Barros

What cost

Oh Asis

That would be car thief was a bit bloody cheeky.

Dipesh Majumdar

Keep showing the real chess board and please refrain from disturbing the real game by your analysis... it’s such a pain to focus... let the viewers have their interpretation....


At first glance, I thought that you and Robert Nurden might have been twins.The likeness is there but the vocabulary isn't.Not meant to insult.

Robert Anderson

Excellent video.Thank you for taking the time to produce the video and share your craft.

Gioo BW

She soo trash

Kyle Croft

What is the thickness of the plywood? Looks 1 1/2 inch