Chess rules in hindi

Honestly this is the first time I actually understood PC.Just my opinion.Ppl are so desperate to be hating each other huh.While I like the tactics this seems a bit dubious after looking at some STATISTICS since you almost have to "rely" on black not fianchettoing his king bishop right away.Hey Dan, You should do a give away for the cut bottles.Some parts are easy to follow, other parts are abstruse, and there's lots of diagrams.Where r u from bro.Di menit 4:37 raja putih melakukan rokade pendek gimana bang?

Here's my topic:.Sir please make a vdo on biography of Mikhail tal.Good work on the video.But we have nothing to claim it's a she.Who you cheer for and Federer doesn't care.Hahahaha nice awesome video Jimmy thanks.The real question is:Why people are writing like this?

Suggestion IM Bharath of same tournament

Suggestion IM Bharath of same tournament

Just really great content!That was pretty easyif u use factorial and square root.How can someone in croatiaimpact my schedule so much in india ?My hometown's claim to fame!Just started to do this on a private level, on a much smaller level, here in Sweden and i am really enjoying it.Rose is a gay icon.

You mean anti-theft.

You mean anti-theft.

I want to c ur cute dog in close up.Thanks for posting this.) The main use of this would be to play a distant opponent, and you want to see both sets.I wish I had your CNC machine.The problem is that i just considered 1,2 and 4 because i thought that it would lose the exchange or do nothing at the end.I swear, the most effective openings are always the most boring to watch.Why is the best move Bc3 at 42:40?Definitely a few things I would have incorporated.

N gzell tints on the eyes I see

N gzell tints on the eyes I see

Objectively, I wouldn't say he uses the word objectively a lot, but I objectively object to his objective use of objectively." I think you are correct.Who is this kid and what was his rating ?Chess is infinite learning.I’m not going to work man I see the office I had no plans and putting people at risk.Im just trying to figure out who wins and loses count for.Believe it or not Sadhwani must have seen Agad's video on Murphy's Opera House game.He's hacking hacker hacker reported.

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wonderful little video. conveys his passion for mathematics.


Impossible for any human to plan that far ahead! Love seeing these champion machine vs machine battles. How many times have these two played against each other and is there a clear winner?


e-e=0. Wow, e is algebraic! What a breakthrough!!!

Taichi Niku

Love u yar

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Fatima Alhabshi

john roasted ned like chicken

Lovely zoldyc

Oof for that,also amazing video btw

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Nice to see Alexandra is still a thot



Art of insanity

Art of insanity


I have always loved this theme but now it's hitting me completely different as i am in the worst times of my life, have been contemplating suicide, but hanging in there for my parents sake.I know there are some listening to this with the same feelings, lets pray we all come out of this stronger.

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60% of this is straight b Richard Kuklinski lied about a lot of the hits that he did proven in court

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This is not checkmate