Chess Puzzle: Draw by Perpetual Check

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I mainly agree on the

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It shouldn't be called a sac if it's

It shouldn't be called a sac if it's

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Chess Nightclub Good job.

Chess Nightclub Good job.

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Chess critics are

Chess critics are

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Leroy Bernard

thumbs up if you run the video in 1.25 since is a rapid tournament xD

The Woodgrafter

That is really nice work, thank you for sharing.


9:09 e7 knight bad too


I worked up a sweat. That was intense af.

Tony Mvr

Shame there's no more videos :( those are the best so far on YouTube.

teuku fais duta

Semoga amal ibadah beliau diterima disisi-Nya


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Nigel Herring

beautiful work


I guessed the killer move!!!! But it was too obvious, you gave the hint at the beginning about activating the bishop

Balsam Woods Farm

Wow!Great tips...I hope I can remember them when I need them!

Greg Lemieux

Wow man that came out wicked awesome. The only thing that rivals the coolness of your chessboard is the skull both very bad ass. Btw ,love the hand carved detail chisel work.

Dances with Stone

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Leecifer Voorhees

Sweet!How do you play Jumanji?

Dion Manik

2:03 The best

Lol Bro

How old is yellow t-shirt?