Chess prodigy Tihon (9 y.o.): How to win blindly against Stockfish AI level 7!!!

Anyway, enjoyed a lot.I would use a carbide mill or something really dense.Always wear safety goggles bro, my friend once had an accident where the chip went into his eyes.Dave has been building and repairing carriages for years.

I want an enterprise in a bottle for my father.I enjoy Ben's lectures so much.In fact he said he doesn’t think it will change anything and he doubts it will be useful to him.

Miniature games are great, but get boring quickly.I like that you usedwood from the salvaged tree for your mom.Love this so much I picked up live edge wood today and will be starting on my project!I live close to the nuke planet and grew up fishing in the Tennessee river.Man it's so good to see that the health bar is done but still we have half of the video with more content on the various options and settings we have to implement that in the game.The demo on paper was excellent!Love the sound and texture of cast.The guy talking in the background has to go.("Alice's Restaurant", Arlo Guthrie, 1967).

Some politician here

Some politician here

The president called every black woman a bitch that has a son playing in the NFL.  this fits my style of play.Lol, I almost had a branding logo like that.How the fuck did you know.Hehehe, Iconic line !

Sir who is

Sir who is

It's official guys we reached peak humanity.Yes, that needed to be shouted.Hope that mole turns cancerous.I really don't want to see jjdd vs anybody but the goats no more.Thank you for your great content, I just hope you show pictures of players before games again,why did you stop doing that?The most atmospheric genre of music.This will be a good move.

xtine 416

That was a weird entry to the basement. No door??? Nice staircase?? weird ...

Nawab Khan

amazing sir keep it up and we are waiting for your more tuts...

Anthony Decesare

Is this cuz I looked up how to play rook on r6 siege?

plsbqwhy8t nthabak

Your video is assume.Your accent is Russian.


i see the guy right there with a vat19 Shirt so its the BOSS


That moment when Eugene was just with Zach ... It's sad xdddd

Diego Sosa

Great video Suren. Just wonderful.

Xen Xander

1:45 "now that our parabola is in its full two-dimensional form.." I think you mean 'full three-dimensional form.. wow what a miss-speak.



Emma’s World

in half of the vid I saw an orb fly by

m oc

I should have also cited "Steam bending wood without using a steambox", another episode of "Tips from a Shipwright." In it Louis steams a board that he is bending for two hours AFTER it is already bent, right on the form, and the form is not in the steambox. How is that possible? He uses a polyethylene sock over the board.

Rashid Sayyed

Very nice great job

Dng Phm Xun

Rt vui

Vdnaiya Dhanrajbhai

well played by this boys and a question that which country did they belonged to

Mhicaylla Dequito

46:56 naiyak talag ako