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Always thinking positional.I normally run the board vertically on the table saw to avoid having adjust the fence.No coolant through.Thanks Jerry for posting this, I really enjoyed it.I hope there aren't any bugs in water :).Love the vids Jeet!Impresssive indeed.Surely I'm missing something, but what?

This is Hard work program.Best, most interesting info-mercial ever!If im doing a chess video tips.Einfach super -).Knight capture pawn, pawn capture knight, and there's no defense left.

You should make a one hour video explaining Paul Morphy's hair.21:47 why not bishop to g4 that's automatic win.These players were truly the demigods of chess.Tries to make a worse shot.This is by far my most watched try guys video.Where is the minecraft server linus.

What’s inside a ATMMONEY.

What’s inside a ATMMONEY.

Please check out this video where I answer those questions.Nema 23 motors, IDEX.MCFUCKING ORDER FROM THE DRIVE THRU.U can use pastry cream also.Then I realized that 1000 counterfeit was basically like a loan so it doesn't count.Looks like a game where the player tried to get famous.

Very nice work,ut were are the sizes to bild it ?One of the reasons I wish that Elon Musk's Neuralink wasn't a backdoor, brainwashing device, would be having access to such knowledge as was required.At 2:45 could f5 be played instead?MindYourDecisions: Why use Marcov chains if you can do it with Gaussian elimination much more simple?Suomi Finland perkele.Anyone young watching this: understand that telling people to fuck off is freedom.A pleasure to watch Praggnanandhaa play.And maybe you could help me figure this out?1:00 they had electricity before your time, oh really.

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Vishal Kumar

Carlsen ko bathati Mikhail Tal ke saamne

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Get and use a large UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) to protect your electronics at all times.Don't trust an extension cord to a super strip, or later a stage extension cord! Go with a UPS Pure Sine version to work reliability.You don't want anyone unplugging or switch off the power while you are operating.To do so could cause component failures and screw up calibration. A UPS will protect against voltage spikes and brown outs. Don't go cheap because that is a ONE in a Million machine!

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Nakamura could have won at 1:25, if he checked the kind instead of moving his queen back


que caja tan pepona

Aluand Jalal J

These videos make me miserable and feeling vomit especially when I seethese wannabes showing their wealth just to impress... I imagine the amount of anxiety and unhappiness behind closed doors because of the competition between millionaires and billionaires.. because no matter what there’s always a bigger fish. And numbers never end

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Can u try vexana

Dariusz Dareczek

I'm impressed. Very good work

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Alatnya Boss Yang Mahal



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hi Sir that was so nice and one question Sir, the last one you put on your handmade chess board was a varnish?

Kurt Tallon

Great video Steve, thank you.

Govind Verma

Which wood is this ?

Martin Slovk

Morphy is playing like Firouzja.

Michael Johnson

My Big Tack still works and I had a Star Bird from the MB list.Loved them.

Lou Sasshole

That damn swing!!

Patrcia Dias

Eddy: Its like Boom BoomBrett: BAYAHBLACKPINK Fan detected

K22 channel

Romantic time of Chess.. Anderssen

elpidio anotnio end medyo me mali lang pero naayos naman nya...magaling batang Idol!...


"Alexa.... shut up!"

Brian Lowe

is someone else sharpening your hand planes for you? keep lying themon their faces instead of the side ?

COMEDY ke bhakt

Please I also want to participate in subscriber chess tournament please sir don't say no plans for me also sir ji my name is Rahul sir ji please sir ji

Lily Sickels

Oh god so gay


Riddle 3 can have a ans of 8 alsoo