My mind was blown.More drama role pa Kay long mejia.No cap phara look good asf.I dont know if u got the idea but its pretty similar to max dlugy videos who are fantastic.

No jabber jabber or subjecting your viewers to EDM.Hi, I'm learning chess and began to follow some chess channel as yours.Therefore, they put it in recommendation now.

You can always win if you never let nim play.He's like the real life version of every child genus from the movies ever lol.Flellsflfel Arlfarl!Carlsen Alphazeroing his opponent to death: 1:39:24.Thank you Rex, because you give yourself time to make these videos, I learned a lot and have been refreshed what I had forgotten.

Where his pieces should go.

Where his pieces should go.

He’s just a nice guy, he’s not even really trash talking but the guy behind the camera needs to shut the fuck up.That's all that is left to say!It's crazy he still has that same guitar after all these years.Suddenly I like Woody Harrelson more.Co gng len quang liem.Road to 20 million subs.We don't have a forced mate, what we can do is exchange two rooks for a queen but nothing more, am i wrong?

Why is this so hard to watch!Question Master P, Romeo and Kanye that's good you are acknowledging Jesus Christ but have you been Baptized?Not the fastest but the easiest way to learn with bishops.But I was concerned with springback, the heavy moisture changes affecting the visual and structural integrity, and the time required to clamp all the parts.Why not just "Metatumours"?

Chetna Homkar

Qf8- bg8,Qf6-Bxf6

wassem bakir

2 aohhh.5mint good

Diego Doc

Uau... eu quero um!!!

Juan Olaguez

Real brits from the streets of Sussex they are - the simpsons


Wow what a moves bye kid


The note sounded at 3:45 was not C, it was F.

Djsatria remix


Rusty Richardson

I can do all that but the welding.Sigh. Shop is just a shed. Lol. Beautiful work and explanation.Thanks

Ryan Rudd

Nice intro. I’ve heard that joint called so many names, who even knows anymore.

Hachem Weirdo

moral of the story, if tal gives you his queen...RESIGN