Chess opening London System - part 9 - trap - disaster on b6 - provoking weakness!

No memory of hearing about this as I was born in 92 but very interesting to come across today and watch.1st view, 1st com, 1st like.Nice chess board, but thetechnique with the table saw left me cringing, not a safe method of working.You look like a serial killer.Thank you for sharing.I guess you can say, my Mom's jewelry is out of this world.Theres no way you ordered that much pizza and if you did it looks like one of those movies.I have placed you in a prison, with no means of escape""Do you expect me to talk?

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Itu masih bisa selamat makan

Itu masih bisa selamat makan

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This is a bit odd, here in the 'old country' the far superior Pozidrive supplanted Phillips yonks ago.I liked how she went through other players thought process and analyzed each position with them.I was in all the way, then you flashed the Lions blanket.Everytime I read or hear that year mentioned, it takes me right back.Great jobmy friend,I'm glad I subscribed to your channel.Wtf is this board man.Was the wicked witch of the East, and her 200-mph broomstick grin!The first was with 2 oz veg tan leather for the exterior and 1 oz for the interior plus doubled up each panel with 1 oz so it showed a finished side on all pieces.

This is really very beautiful.He plagiarized and stole ALL scientific ideas he picked up on, mostly while in London.Your prints come out nice.I tip my hat to you, this is diabolical.I’m not sure but I felt like I saw some white streaking that wasn’t there before you polyied the boarder.Bent lamination is fast and turns out well, Steam bending takes awhile for the lumber to cure in the mold but produces a better result.I am adding this to may favorites and will build for a July wedding gift walnut and curly maple is what I picked up yesterday, thanks for your upload this is a good project.It would be interesting to know how many players from top 50 actually finished high school, how many of them have university degrees and out of those how many studied maths or natural sciences.

Magnus Carlsen sucks.If you have any insight about what attracts you to certain moves, please let us know as they occur to you.Thanks for any thoughts.Yep, this one's going in the arsenal.This is pure mathematics and logic.What is the hose on your router for?This guy is still alive today but according to Wikipedia, he suffers from Dementia which means any subsequent cases would be hard to indicte him on as he's not of sound mind.No back rank check mate by queen deflection.Bevel the table and insert a glass top?I know I will build this and other tables from this idea.

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0:25 funny and true... one is a fan of Bobby Fischer for the beauty of his chess

Adam Cochran

I don’t get his humor at all. He’s a totally obnoxious asshat.

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Man I hate cheats. Chess, golf and other noble games. Why can't people be honorable in defeat?


I had tons of d5,c6 or e6.1.b3 d5 2.bb2 c6 3.e3 bf5 has poor outcomes for white and is played to GM levels.So i feel like the easy ariations with d5, e5 players above say 1400-1500 Elo avoid them find yourself in a guess game and if you watch for chess 365 you dont know more.The so called unambitious ways for black are rocksolid.


Rob, great to have you back!

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Hey judy looks good in her hair cut

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Hi Tony, what type of chuck is it on minute 6:42...what brand is it? Thank you

A very Good boi

20:09 Flat earthers: [H A P P Y N E S S. N O I S E]

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I have my exam at school and I don't know the answer and my answer was just Allah knows best. Heheheeeee


What determines the starting position in each game?

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22:28 So initially I wondered if Qh6 was faster because of: 1. Kg8 Kg6 2. f8=Q Qh8 But then I realized just how annoying the under promotion to a knight is: 2. f8=N Kf6 (Kf7 illegal and Queen is covering h6 so Kh6 is illegal) forcing either repetition by 3. Nd7 Kg6? Or the King to retreat with 2. ... Kf5 and now black had to retreat his King and must deal with the knight instead of having a quick forced win with Qf6.Just thought I would put that out there since it doesn't get covered as the alternative to Qf6.

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Outstanding video I really enjoyed watching you work thing I like the most was that laser leveler it's amazing what technology has done today for the carpenter

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The second to last guy on the left..whats his name??

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3D Graphics Engine Thanks Go on.


What if you...But Gappy says...


EDIT: ok u adressed that later in the video, who coul have forsee that. well i dont remove the comment tho =>another misconception: argumenting and analyzing things from the point of view defensory functionality / war... during OTTONIAN time, castles etc. where only for authoritary/representative purpose ... more "for the eye" than for protection. this changed during SALIAN time since all of europe got more dangerous, more internal conflicts, and the rampaging Hungars invading ....BIG windows are foremost BAD for keeping warmth in, crucial in colder areas. but, keep in mind, ca. 1400 AD there was a climatic change and everywhere the temperature dropped by a significant amount


...holy crap, I found this video from the video featuring Charlie Turner, and I'm legit creeped out by the resemblance... I was sure this was her.


I just wanna at least pass my gcses and these teens tryin to figure out what life equals to

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It's quicker to use ripties mate just a suggestion and good job by the way