Chess online: TTC vs Sirisha1975 - Game 3

But if you use Ouija board you need two people right.Felicitaciones por el material audiovisual.Great Catch, now why can't I get lucky like that.Magnus beat Nakamura in both 2016 and 2017.Okay, but Ima's parents didn't even look for her.

Science has indeed helped to debunk such myths of superiority and inferiority but we still have a long long way to go.I dream of printing with hdp.I want that stem, total cool!Why did she murder that man who killed her baby.It said you should get out cause he will hurt you he said he means it.Regarding the controversy.I remember the queen sacrifice, some commentator covering live thought he'd blundered the game!I didn't know knight can dance!Rook meanselephant.

Cara gritando minuto 6:16 XD.Usually if we want something with a melody that isn't for comical effect, we have to go corner other instruments in a back alley and beat them up for their concertos.8:07 almost gave me a heart attack geez its 4 a.The end game is like puzzle lol.They all look great.

Not to be dramatic or anything but I would die for Kimbop.Where I work we have a DDI intersection one mile to the west, and a roundabout intersection one mile east, both going to the same interstate, and I always take the DDI even though it's a 1 mile backtrack to where I usually need to go just because of how much nicer it is to drive through.:) The movie trivia, TV trivia, and the music quiz might be fun to play.This guy makes more money than you or I by reading something he researched on google to us.It must benefit blind people as the 5 being the middle number with all the other numbers being in different directions from the five and the 0 as the number on its own apart from the and layout.

Just popped my head in for

Just popped my head in for

I'm guessing you forgot to put in your riving knife when cutting that maple 6:15.Also, it's a darn shame that John Williams never won an Oscar for his Harry Potter scores.The board is beautiful and artistic but its overpriced.Not watching this I wanted the other guy not this weird guy.7:19 Do they all have pawn tattoos?SeanGGodley Yes, it's always good to learntthe patterns.An absolute pleasure to watch, thank you!I mean chess theory hammered out over a long period of time is relied upon without really being aware of the fact that those guidelines were hard won.

Then it's pawn f4 or rook d6.Is it because you are a wanted man and don't want the law to come knocking on your door?Awesome workshop and great process.For the last example, just move a pawn up from the king.I need all of them.I know they take a lot of planning, setting up shooting and editing.


did anyone else getting out before the video for improve my I did coincidence I think notplays Illuminati music

Kasmawati Abd Kadir


Tom-Greger Knutsen

That one see-through bishop would tingle my OCD :P


3:34 no rush to take the pawn.... maybe i should’ve taken the pawn


Wow, he traded a paperclip for a house in 13:21 pretty impressive!

Matt O'Dowd

What an endgame - thanks Agadmator for the analysis

Tushar Gaming Studios

sir i am having photo with you i am from lakecity

Erik The Half A Bee

This is the best banter Blitz I have ever seen. Magnus really has found his form. He is witty, eloquent, sleazy, highly original and of course incredibly strong. His thoughts are insightful. I loved that he played two of my openings, the Grand prix attack in the sicilian and the Scandinavian (be it a very weird Scandinavian)

Liverpool Fan

Do 4,5 and 6 chess

Agustn Burroni

hey Jimmy I love your videos, they help me a lot when I feel bad or had a rough day

Go Experimental

I wish this guy was my dad

Ashokkumar A

She is my darling


Mega cool ... typisch Special work

Harry Potter Hogwarts Magic

Wen I have a wand I will never ever Oblivate my parents



Hocine MALEK

what if queen plays a7 check

Fran K


Dima Saidov


tony Shaddy

So basically 4D shapes are fractals broooooooo

Phen-the Moogle

I'm a karate master, I can chop that board in half, jk

Rajani Nair

In number 8 riddle just stop imagining


04:34 No it can't happen on every level - Garry would've seen it!! -P

Mahesh Chaudhari

Make a video on Mikhail tal last game of the career

Niall keane

How much would a custom like that set you back


Nice format love your new projects!


BBFalconShot Actually, I can tell when Hans Zimmer has composed. But that's because I love him. However, you are correct. John Williams found a formula that worked for him, and he hasn't really changed. Hans Zimmer has several and he tweaks them every time. I've played Jurassic Park and Harry Potter, and even on that level, it's the same. There's not a lot of a difference.