Chess online: Checkmate cực chất bằng Hậu - Lên 19xx

He knows which planets it will pass near and can work out the energy release from a star's explosion.What do i miss xd.I wouldn't exactly describe her as, 'comely'.Still have Shinola as well.I got so made watching this.And if you wanna spend more than that you might as well buy a used 2015 MacBook Pro for around $450-550.

All i see is minecraft shitpost’s.Chess starts at 10:53, thank me later.Pawn to g5 check then king to h5.Earliest record for grape wine making is in Georgia.Wish i could build like that.31:07 why does he resign?I would like to see you maybe do the sphere in two axis?More evil, please.

I have also seen

I have also seen

And he don't spit every FUKIN bar!Confused, somebody help ).I AGREE THE BOARD IS BEAUTIFUL BUT THE INLAY IS THE PROBLEM.Wonderful build, I subbed!Instead we got a beautiful and unusual end product.The rook isnf protected right?Aapne baking soda nhi daala.I am amazed you still have all of your appendages attached.Love his explanations.

Without unix linux was impossible.Ang galing nila gumanap.Stupid music spoils the video.Exelente saludos desde argentina.0, run it in the library, i have also downloaded SDK which have allow this IDE to understand what is "Integer", I have also understood some variables like Piece, emptyTileMap, etc.So done with you.Beautiful game !What kind of material with 3 puzzles.Sincerly Rich S.

Magnus will crush him very

Magnus will crush him very

Blitz and rapid!Why do you and the majority of YouTube channels charge for PLANS when our subscription and thumbs up earn you money.Average Human Brain Processing Speed 60 bitssec.Excelente y Clara explicacion del Ajedrez.Just gave my cad cam cnc exam of turning and milling and then youtube recommends this.In other words, stop lecturing ELITE players on how YOU THINK they should behave on and off the board.

Seems the pivotal change in direction?If they gave stockfish and alpha zero the same amount of processing power then stock fish would win.But good job haha.Kings gambit and no mention of Paul Morphy ?Or do you mean the 15 minutes of fame that he got?Bad show altogether!Most of your videos are just click bait.


I only speedrun lower, going higher is always a slow grind !

Karl Stuart

A thing of total beauty !!

Zondope D god

then he is allowed to live .. pips like this should b killed

Henry Blackwell-Rodriquez

This was my first plane, and I’m happy with it. I will try to do the adjusterless method after finishing my workbench.

Gareth Lavell

Fantastic table and artwork


Would like to know wat he thinks Elon musk's future program for re-usable rockets.

Rishabh Kashyap

It's waste of time.

Zak King

Nice Artillery x1! How do you like it? What program do you use to slice for it?

jijosh nangarath

I am the sorry Aliya ....I am the sorry ..Polich

DrProfessor Geometry Dash

You Just Need To Plus 1 To Zero And Plus One Again To Other Side...Sorry For My Bad English:'

Suraj Rao


Dinu P.c

Ithokkeyalle padamm ufff

Kang Komen

i still dont understand why tal didnt capture knight d2 at 21:46


5:18 ok thanks, now this game makes sense.


click sound"Hello everyone"


hara hua game jeer Gaye .


Is this sponsorship by kreg

Pockets MacCartney

rook shouldve taken the knight

Akhil Velayudhan

Celebrities About MAMMOOTTY

Mowgli's entertainment


This game is so aggressive that PEGI is considering whether or not they need to classify this as 18


Nice job on the video, simple, concise and very interesting.NOW I NEED A DAMN SHOOTING BOARD !


I've played piano all the time

vatsal kejriwal

Is that a mkbhd t shirt


what liquid from? I am from Argentina greetings !!!



Kien Le

This boy is not fast. He just broke many laws of chess (Move with two hands, finish move before the opponent press the clock...). This is actually not fair for Black.

Andrej Antanasov

I first saw this with Magnus' facecam only and I gotta say, it's so much more savage with both facecams.