Chess News: Alekhine Memorial - Day 3 Report!

Show some respect to super GM's and a gift to America being No:1 in the USA and one of the top in the world.Consider Safari Book Online.Hypnotic beauty!Baianinho tmnc qualquer jogada e palma vsfd.Is such thing as chess doubles ja whaat crazy is that posible.Golan is open check."I wonder if the difficulty 4 is low enough, on a Fritz Engine, for you to pull off a Scholar's Mate.Shara Woodshop Diaries.

5:40 I watched the video long time ago, now im rewatching it and i still dont get it((((.Chef, pls make Swedish princess cake.Thanks so much Adagmator!I’d bet Capablanca would have found the final winning line.And take off all safety gear.NORBES VIOLATED HEBEEN A WEIRDO FUCK THAT.Why not use bishops or knights?I prefer a featherboard for inward pressure in a lot of cases, especially for ripping multiple boards that are the same size.If I use cake mould.

I kept looking for it, and it never looked good.I really enjoyed this video it's calm, easypresented, clear,and informative.I want answers to that.Just thought to suggest when you use thid board after every move you should pause a bit to see what youre doing sometimes he was moving so many pieces without standing back i couldnt see how be ended up in certain positions.I wonder how you got the epoxy-over-stones to be perfectly flat.

Hi chess network,i cant think fast enough in bullet and i end up with a couple of pieces up but no time.Weak fucking males.I feel so rusty now.I played the dragon Sicilian against play Magnus 13 yrs old and won the game,He actually resign.You all need to take Jody HTD.Falling was odd without a horse to fall from!Will be sharing this saga with friends and family!OK, you've got a piece of plywood 30cm x 30cm.I like the dragon better seems harder to mess up, at least in the beginning.

What's the name the game.

What's the name the game.

If I'm interested in robotics and knowing how to make computers what should I major in?Talo sana sya dahil sa illegal move na nagawa nya.Awesome is an under statement !Very well explained!As far as color goes.

That's a really nice brand that you made, if you made it only 12'' thick it wont take so long to heat up.Thank you maybe m wrong.America should still be part of the British Empire!Almost believe, sounds like Ben.Why u repeat this vedio sir.That would be awessome.That really turned out nice!

In other words

In other words

334 RPM, 12" disc.Waiting for part 2 pleeaaaaseeee D.Why am i watching this?His smile is unsettling.Aah i want one like thisIts amazing.Mojang hire this man!

James Patrick

Ankush S

"...but bad too, gotta watch it.Stole my name.I had it first."Hahaha i'm dying.. how is no one there laughing.Are they drugged?

sydney sydney

Thanks for the new tools with technology and your amazing experience,you did good and great job.God bless you.

Terapia Emocional Meditacin y Superacin Personal

i want to learn speak in english, ill be back soon!! :)


I love the last sentence of the video!! I am really looking forward to it!

Sapna Singh

Can we use curd instead of buttermilk?

The Wild Rabbit

The audio being left side only is slightly disturbing but the level of savagery that Ben unleashes is sooooooo good that I don't even care


What did he mean when he said "once white plays ED?"Is that the e pawn capturing the d pawn?

Ferz Ferz

What a noob, wasted 1 min for easy move

Donovan Lucibello

I can never look at my pile of off cuts the same again - your channel is amazing!So many cool projects just waiting to be revealed in that pile of scraps in my shop - thanks!


Make a video where the hoody guy wins pls

John-Paul Ensign

I like how you adapt to who you're interviewing by pronouncing things the same way and using their dialect's version of words. It's subtle, but I am sure it helps with the interview.

Leay Zednanreh

3:03 : You like that?

Usaidbinahmadtaufik Usaid123

witch one is more good

Obsidian Boat

I like to join too!!!

Bill Abernathy

Wonderful work, and your choice of music is very nice as well.

Mortgage Mitre

Lesson learned... listen to your wife.

Jaroeo PL

And here Scott McKay played the best move in the posistion and it is donating 2750$. This improves Agadmator's finacial stability and places his name on a very safe square, which will be tough to get rid of. After this move his wallet resigned the game and after this game he got his "Top donator" title.


You and Shaun working together was probably the best thing that happened to youtube woodworking videos this year.

Eddie Meltzer

Is it just me or is the guy not funny?Do most people think hes funny?If they do,im prob in the wrong here...

Kerry Wise

Can you tell me what the pads/feet that you attached at the end of you video are called and/or where I can purchase them? I've tried to search for them on amazon and the internet in general as well as local retailers with no luck. Thanks.

Sakellaris Mavros

What about the code? is there a list of commands to make that?

11:40 Knight: lets dance queen!Queen: yay!Knight: twists the queen's neckQueen: ... (suffocates to death)Knight: yay