Chess News #36: Shirov Tricks Ivanchuk!

Don’t need a long cord, just one or two of those portable house power batteries on a creeper rolling along side bam.What if he moved bishop E8 for the check instead of eating the pawn h4.Please look our new results:viXra:1908.I will only add a seat belt.Is Magnus using an old NBA players name as his name?

That h pawn is lethal

That h pawn is lethal

Nc3 as YOU played is fun I agree.He should teach.Track list please.Finding the move wasn't that impressive of a feat.Maybe these papers would be handy if I was entering a competition to see how shiny I can get my chisel.

What an interesting artefact.Cuts faster, leaves less crud behind.Can you tell cake flour means all purpose flour ?I am Norwegian andall I haveseen ofhim is Arrogance, callousness, zero redeemabletraits even vaguely hinting at there being genuine human in him.8:15 Think the chap on the right next to Larsen is Svetozar Gligori.Keep up the good work!

Where do you buy black melamine?Smyslov variation.Haters gonna hate.Once you get beyond the top three American players it gets very thin.Please n- cries.

Why do I make this assertion?

Why do I make this assertion?

Did you use tape for the frame?Old school back pack.Get someone rap please.EveryBODYlikes classical music when it creates emotion within them through film.Is it related to this?All it takes is a matter of seconds a bit if intuition to crush these titled players.

It's like those old 'clown' 'zippos'.The i is actually like 1 pixal SLIGHTLY lower.In my country, public schools were once cemeteries.What do I do in a situation like this?Your story is so inspirational to never give up on Yourself give it to GOD.Free hand cutting is alright if you know what you’re doing, definitely an advanced move.

Karen Falls

Ehat are those...!!!!?????!!??

sandeep pati

There are 15 white and black diagonal chessboard

Carlos Cayanan Jr.

My favorite move is King's Indian Defense.

NPC 2749

Professor Slughorn, is that you!?


HELLO EMERGENCY HOT LINE PLEASE HOLDEmergency hotline I'm being stabbed what the fu-ScreamsCall ends

ritika khanna

Where does Friday come before Thursday Idk what's wrong with me but I think the answer could be in a dyslexic s mind

Ben Tebrunsvelt

Verry goodwork

Astro Not

Sinong boy band yung pinag lingkuran nya?

Patrick D. Holman

Mark is funny

Francyn Cesa

sino ang totoong ngalan ni lester



Paige Cruz

Amazing work! I'm from peopleareawesome, we'd like to talk about featuring some of your art with our fans! We've sent you a DM on Facebook if you are interested!

4:42 Re8 check and get the pawn promoted and take the black rock for the pawn


good game.. thanks for the videos, keep making them..