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3:38 Trump:"We will build a wall!As though you were adding numbersit makes the powers of 11(Not counting the 1).Kalo gajahnya pindah nya gak kesitu gimna.Imagine you watch this in VR.Video starts at 2:00p.3:50 Better send him to School Atleast from now."Me "Don't do this to me.

Where can i buy one?34:31 this is what you are looking for.Then the way you found to thank the guy who saved your brit asses (by breaking the code)was.

Proud of India -Vishwanathan

Proud of India -Vishwanathan

But it's interesting that they didn't use rows of four columns instead of three, with two extra buttons, or a four by four or four by five arrangement.First name was Sandra and the other name was Fred.011000, everytime the number gets smaller the result gets bigger.I'm 50years old and never saw the puzzle before this vid.Here, in this question, we can not have the first digit starting with 0.If you start flat and tilt down you are dragging each tooth further along the material than needed, meaning that it fills up towards the end of the cut. I don't have a lathe myself, might have to try something like this.After i put my pawn to d4 all my opponents capture the damn thing.How much money do you make for all these things.

This is,y 1st time watching but.

This is,y 1st time watching but.

Like a good pupol."tickle with the Bishop".Kind of like Sudoku, I guess.11:03 I voted for Pat Buchanan.I would love it if he did some A0 vs Stockfish games analysis.But it's more than just ok, more than just something I can tolerate like with the second group.Waah Kya baat hai.Was that even a checkmate?Where is "Why would you put that on the internet"?Also your Artist is boring and lazy.

This is very informative.

This is very informative.

I have put an end grain glue up through a table top planer and yes, it does end the world.This is all about free speech and thought.Still, very cool!Thanks for your time.No skills whatsoever with broadcasting.I think I might know the answer but not sure.I am learning now your date, cal command.2:42 wait a second, but you just said you cannot treat infinity like a normal number.Magnus' ego seems a little bruised by Gadir's gradually improving results over the course of the match.

Omaira Garcia

people say the granger thing was epic and it make me sad because ive done the same thing with granger but in 6 minutes and the game deleted the replay for an update

Amy Pournoury

Wow, all your tips are just genius

Mohamed Nasir alnaqbi

The sunglasses of the future 2016

Emporio Artigiano

Amazing. How many hour to make this.

Lisa Erhard

Excellent.Thank you!

Dante Power Levels

Finally I found your channel I again I love it! When I was sick I always watched your vids!

yossi kazarov

Finally the saga begins

Anth Le Goff

Inspiring geek

Upasana Saha

Excilent,asadharonAmio try korbo,ai barpdine

Aesthetic Plants

The answer is 42

DynamicZ PlayZ

You probably never went and watched my video due to a busy schedule but in my second video on my channel I actually packed the secret rare quick ball I was so psyched , keep up the good work

byggmann post

I was for sure more nervous than Ron

taufik setiawan

Bang tahun ini bikin lagi sucrd dong

Brandon Marshall

Ha he said reproductive work.


At 6:09 why couldn't knight move to g3?

Jeffrey Anderson

Watching this for the second time a couple years later. As inspiring as ever.I'm about to start a project outside of my comfort zone, but it's needed and long overdue. Thank you, Jimmy! I'm a New Yorker that's recently moved to Minneapolis, and am bringing the NY "CAN DO!" Diresta spirit with me to the maker space this weekend. Keep your fingers crossed.

Grzegorz Nowacki

Very fun :-))

Miguel K KkK

Topalov has always been a gray player... 100% positional, cautious, no ambition, no attacking instinct, no creativity... The kind of player never make an inmortal game...


Wow i love this endgame

Emcee Tiffany Jager

Sign on typewriter do not touch.Moe touches every button around that sign.

vittorio marano

There are several chess analyst in the web...but you're the finest by far.


No it doesn't.