Chess Game Review #5 - 1750 vs 1750

Maghsoodloo didnt play well hereshould watch some morphy games on agads channelrapid development grabbing 2 pawns.Com stream and it is really great to see this from Nakamura's point of view.I know it's the free fire katana only I used yesterday.

Can you recommend a Hnefatafl game to purchase?How do we know that p1.You can also use a lot of poeders or granulates, and bind them with CA.I wating for next tricks.This is purely skill.Chess champion talking about violence, I've seen chess moves that are more violent than the movie 300.Fischer had in the past talked about how he liked crushing a person's ego, and that likely was the effect here, however, Spassky stepped outside that and simply gave his admiration for a game well played.Liem hay vai ca noi.

So just because a

So just because a

Apesta a caca este Mario trolo.As a result I started doing that feature on my micro drill press by hand.VHS versus Beta.I think I'm in love.Then I realized that 1000 counterfeit was basically like a loan so it doesn't count.The queen is gay.There logo looks like the Marshall amp logo.No, we're not connected.Your intro is too long.In 1974 Fischer was very strong player.

Noooo why would

Noooo why would

I learned quite a bit in this overview.Title should be The cycle of blunders.Moe did you know that many ancient civilizations mostly Egypt believed cats protect us from dark or dangerous entities i have four fur babies myself lol but love your videos an your wife is gorgeous!This "Blondie" is supposedly a cool programme.A great design and build however your forgiven it a Delta.60 kakundaa 90 undachukadhaa 30-30-30 divide chaiyochuu.The Best Thing About This Game Is That Teamwork Is Essential.Thank you Jerry!Really enjoy the play-by-play commentary too!All people do things that mean so much to themselves, but nothing to others.

How many man

How many man

Now if you watched the video a lot of people make sounds right?How tall are you are you a god.Reads title hol up.Make a DIY robot that makes you blink.I would think a loose biscuit would not be good in either case.But Best animation!Thanks but you speak too much.Thank you Michael.

You are an artist!

You are an artist!

Hair - hair - hair - hair - hair - hair - hair - hair - hair - hair - hair - hair - hair - hair - hair - hair - hair - hair - hair - hair - hair - hair - hair - hair - hair - hair - hair - hair - hair.It's nice to see Caruana in a rare interview.And suddenly, it turns out it's all over for one of the players the beauty is overwhelming.Vance Larena kamuka si BNT Andrew.How do Stom profe marches bern out?Very nice, good job!They call "music".

I like you playing live, but I would prefer longer times (Blitz) because they are more easy for us to follow and for you to comment.Btw its an honor for Carlsen to play in my country!How about Judit Polgr?He is learning to use Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Chess engines, electrical circuits, carpentry skills etc.Omg i want to be a tattoo.

Automatic Cable hoist,.

Automatic Cable hoist,.

Because we were better than they were.When it comes to paper the smaller it is while folded the thicker it is But if we apply the same rule to humans it's a crime to touch.I feel so thirsty after all that dryness.Still love the channel though!Whatan awesome video.And also if you need some suggestions go to Applebee’s website those for blind and visually impaired and powered for a little vision and totally blind not Applebee’s but AppleVis website.Good thing i'm using visual studios to learn how to make a terraria mod then XD.

uwu da lil owl

It’s like taking nerds and giving them an edgy sideNo no, he’s got a point

Alasdair MacKenzie

That's beautiful. Almost 'marble' look to it.

dan guralnek

Hello Mr Ramsey, I get get really good hardwood off cuts for free from a local joinery factory, they are all hardwood that is for sure but... they are all different species and colours. I wouldn't even know what species they are. Do you think I will have any issue gluing up tabletops and other joints from different unknown species? will different expansion and contraction rates cause me a problem. I plan on selling what I make so I don't this stuff to fall apart on me?

Bruce Washington

I loved the quote from Demosthenes.Still laughing!

Kuanysh Raimbekov

5:50 did i hear typewriter in the background? :)


Sir can you make video in hindi.

Nir Dahan

This is why I absolutely love this channel. you get to learn something new every single time. IMHO you deserve 10x the amount of subscribers!

Sander Jutte

Why? was his answer when confronted by the detective, an innocent person would say: excuse me (you prick)!

David Goold

Video plays well. Niceetouch


That game against Spartakus1975 was awesome.


Wonderful! It’s to beautiful to take a knife to.

MrMrs Morrice

the board is beautiful and artistic but its overpriced


What, you can take backwards? That s not the rules i know of.

Kelechi Agwu

Raphael Alimba

Thanks Kevin!! At the end what of black plays Qd7, what are the weaknesses behind this move?

Robin Hood

another hype kid in the making.


Love it that you ran away from the Raise3D stand! Raise3D look like they are making useful improvements once again (and not just upping the price ). Thank you so much for showing in this vid that you are a big kid like the rest of us. Was having a rough day until I saw this. Thank you. You made me smile.

the new idea

where to learn?

Adam Smith

8:18 what was he gonna say?


Get rid of that mole

Scotty B

Are flex pad boards andmouse pad boards the same thing?