Chessgame: Chess online - Round to 2000 Elo || Blitz chess 2017

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Tremendo, un saludo desde Chile, yo

Tremendo, un saludo desde Chile, yo

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Sierra the phoenix Hahn

hey moe sargi im another sargeant ive also been here since day 1 since i started watching your channel

Krust Box

not only did i learn a lot from this but this guy was funny as hell. i need to see more of him.


Do you use a special grade of glass?I bet hackers love you! Much respect, from a mad mechanic.

Gamey McSk8terboi

During the moment where you told us to watch very closely where he gets 11 coins and ends up with 13, if you pay attention time skips a few seconds at a time I believe. It probably does that multiple times in the fake run which is probably why the end times don't add up


"there's no brains inside each one of these" (6:55). You said it.

Aleksandrs K



it took me 2 daysto understand the 85% of the solution. but i still don't know the concept of geometric series

Ole Johan Hausberg

The "war" was won in Norway because of what you said in the early days the common man could not afford to buy a player but was offered what we called a "Moviebox" (yes litarally, no Norwegian word was used). This was a (relatively) compact playback only player in a pelicase style carrying case, nothing fancy, just press play and enjoy (and remember to rewind or get a fee on you account). I was quite young when the war was raging so I didn't pick up the chicken-and-egg question at the time, but I do remember that the majority of Movieboxes offered were VHS. Very likely the videoshops wanted people to rent as many movies as possible to go with the moviebox and therefore stockpiled as many VHS titles as they could get their hands on. It was a bummer everytime you went to the videostore and they only had that odd Beta player left to rent because you had a much more limited selection of Beta movies. I do not have the data to back it up but I assume the war was won by JVC flooding the market with "cheap" players to rent. As for the V2000 I saw the ads for the players and the one shelf in the videostore, but not much more.

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Y'all are still here and obviously I'm glad y'all we're ok, glad your message was received! Y'all please be careful and stay safe everywhere your travels lead you


still theory lmao

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Your english hurts

Alejo agustin torres

es posta !!!

Travis Pastrami

Tomorrow for your next video you should review this exact same game, but its you from the future from the year 2118, complete with a cyborg body speaking in a robotic voice with drones flying around you, and you can say: Hello Earthlings! I have once again redone this game so you can see how my channel (and humanity) evolved. Then you can show a photo challenge of a chess playing alien and give a hint that it is from the grand tournament of the local galaxy cluster of 2089, and in the end you can say: "and for those of you watching from the past, you are an excellent subscriber, and should leave earth before 2046. I can't say why, but it rhymes with basteroid"

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I always get goosebumps!


He seems so much grandfather type.

Neha chaulkar

the 2nd set is beautiful n looks more in sync with the entire piece

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10. Na3 was played, is not Nc7 a better move?



Tim G

YouTube recommending this video to me is basically recommending hog roast prep vids to a vegan. Thanks but wooooooosh over my head. Me: searches Joe RoganAlso me: aliens may exist



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i really dont like the finish on guitars, takes away the feeling of the wood, i made my guitar with no lack at all. Its still a bit shiny from the sandpaper. But these guitars looks good =)

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They have 1 of there friends moving the horse's writing Tom that is bs

James Walton

Great video really informative and very ingenious. Well done!