Chessercise: The Value of Step By Step Knowing HOW to Play Strongly

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Bro is the police chasing u?

Bro is the police chasing u?

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25:08 can I get this as a

25:08 can I get this as a

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But the play by play shows white

But the play by play shows white

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"Kasparov Shocks Karjakin with King's Gambit!" This is probably the favorite title of any chess video for me! Love it!

Liam Fields

Been a fan of perpetual chess for a while, so glad you finally went on and hope that Ben get's more people supporting his content.

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What a prick

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Botez: so how many queens do you want to sac?Eric: Yes


yOiNk, that's mine

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This lovely example of good work made me subscribe. Seriously interesting and I still can't get my head around how you figured out what the end result would look like. Just lovely. Many thanks for sharing.

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I'm going to start pointing out whenever you don't call pieces by their proper names 10:02...THAT'S A BISHOPagadmator, perhaps you could condition yourself to think of them as anonymous pieces so that you don't end up uttering whatever title pops into your head. at least you haven't confused a queen for a pawn after it crosses the entire board and delivers checkmate yet!


it's unreal how Fischer's 6th move at about the 2:00 minute mark of this video, ended up saving him by game's end. He would have been mated at 15:05 if it wasn't for a discovered check.

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tamara negron


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Me: "This friggen guy..."

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Golden moves


Oh. You're right. I don't know how I missed something so obvious. (Thanks for not yelling at me.)


Probably the tenth time I check your channel today in anticipation of the next video in the Cap series. You're the best!


Are all games played in the 21st century boring?

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"The lack of cojones is astounding"

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When a stick figure can defeat your buliding and destroy your buliding and make it better


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play at 1.5x speed, feels like normal speed