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He m makes this look so easy but in reality I can't get a hand plane to ride the timber without skipping everywhere.Damn what an end game.Chess talk I did this postition in my mate in,3 bookI like you a lotCan you share your phone number to me?Its grosmeister.How do you know who it belongs to?I consider him--not Marconi or DeForest--to be the true "father of radio.

It looks abslutely fantastic!"- It's not done!I am still wondering what a home lab is.I watched this in grayscale.That's why Kramnik's idea is much better.But Carlsen played Ka3 which gives Nakamura the win again.Still a great firm handshake from Ivanchuk at the end.Nice looking box great to see you working together."Your Chess Personality Is:Bill Gates.

Cause every time the image printed are still here.It’s been 3 years and I still love this song.I'll try that in the future.Thankfully, I have no eyes.But you can search for autosmooth addon.

I love how

I love how

Rf8 instead of Pf6 at 13:24, is it defensivable?Am i the only one who thinks he looks like a Gallagher brother?If you've got an impact driver you want better quality bits too cause the impact will actually twist your bits, especially the Torx 19 which you will be using for everything.I never know where I want my white bishop in this position and usually end up trading it for a knight that jumps to c4.Fazit: Choosing the right piecesboards is like buying shoes, you gotta try them individually and see how they fit, sizewise and in terms of color and design.I do like the trick with the Super glue, done that also with baking soda to instantly cure or harden itThanks for the info.The answer is that the shopkeeper loses 1000.You can't invent something that already exists.

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Why MVL wasn't in Tata Steel?

Hendra Sulaiman


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It’s amazing that Magnus can be so much better than these amazing chess players!

Palle Kuling

"Too weak, too slow"

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The awkwardness makes me feel so comfortable


How do I write a discovered check?

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Anime fights top 10 candidate

Nikita Udovichenko