Chessboard set up FUN

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This video is amazing especially with themusicians playing Goodall instruments.The reason is because some of the infected likely traveled to the airports.CUT OPEN A SWELL WATER BOTTLE PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.Wait if the knight moves to other end, game ends ?Me ajudou muito isso.

Forget quantum computing.

Forget quantum computing.

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Beautiful queen side

Beautiful queen side

Nice game with boring commentary.What game is this?I keep seeing this in my head every time I hear about people taking personal responsibility for their hygiene.Just a suggestion.The buildings you show are haussman apartment buildings built during the duexieme republique and the remodeling of Paris.I'm glad you are still making these!Is Ryu going to upload his side of this race?He told me that people assumed he must have been some genius to be able to play a computer you must remember that this was the early 80s and very few people understood how computers worked or how powerful (or not!Ultimately I will win.

Used to love watching these vids, Definitely one of the original and best 'darkcreepy' channels on YouTube.Usually chess videos are serious and somehow boring but Agadmator is totally entertaining, funny and informative at the same time.First, I got a Circular Saw, next, I made a very simple homemade Table Saw that used my Circular Saw and a set of saw horses, next was a Jobsite Table Saw.4:50 had me DYING.Anand is such a class act.Puzzle - rook a6.The try guys should totally design a dress.

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Mierrrrrrda bro u have skills, jeje sorry for lenguage but I have to curse in spanish.It failMy friend:break his whole career.Egg ki jagah kya use KR skte bataye.What a boring fucking game!I made this game in C, I will try it in Python.Nakamura in background.Id love to buy one.I like trimechalon 2000.I bounced around several lecturers on YouTube and almost called it quits until I found Ben Finegold.


wood would it

mark goode

excellent design and workmanship. I agree with the earlier comment it's great to see reclaimed wood given a second lease of life. Thanks for sharing your skills. Best wishes

Son Phan

Nd5 was much better for black?

Brave Heart

kulland malzeme pahal sradan olmayan farkl bir malzeme.. ..Bunlar tam bir pislik


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Jos Strebe

Magnus looks like a Neanderthal


Fire the cameraman. Hire a tripod.

Albert Bitcoin

Bishop D6 is a very funny move! hahahha You gotta laugh at this one. suddenly the attacking bishop retreats and says "ok i'm not interested in your knight or the pin anymore, now i'm just going back to my safe square in the center from where i can watch your king either side." white then is left with the mouth open as it had bad intentions toward that bishop. now to the analysis of the game and why the champion lost. 1. black makes various retreat moves that don't really help its game improve. after an attack, black retreats the bishop to d6 and then the rook back to e8. later on black retreats the white diagonal bishop to e8, acting as defender of the f7 pawn. not a good position at all. meanwhile white manages to counter attack a few times, forcing the various retreats of black's pieces. also notice that black's a8 rook isn't active for much of the game, a problem black realizes later on. black's attack thus was too premature and not well planned. of course it is blitz and anyone makes mistakes, even grand-masters. it is strange however to see the champion play so uncharacteristically. this is NOT how he usually plays, making such obvious mistakes early in the game and then throughout the middle-game. there is an old wise saying in chess that goes like this: "if the attack fails then it usually means defeat for the attacking player." and let us be honest, how many times we have seen our game being destroyed after a failed attack? magnus is not invincible. he blunders and makes mistakes, although not as much as other players. the one player in history who did seemed immortal since no one could defeat him for about 8 years in a row was the genius Capablanca. by the way, all the other modern 20th century champions like Botvinnik, Reti, Tal, Fischer, Kasparov learned from Capablanca, and they admit to this at times. Keep in mind that when Reti won a famous game against Capablanca it was published in the news all over the world. People could not believe it was possible. Botvinnik also had a very famous win against Capablanca. However by this time many russian players were learning from Capablanca in fact. also let us not forget who the champion Magnus was playing against, a great Russian champion Andreikin. so really in my view there are no true winners or losers in these blitz matches, since all of the players are practically champions, highly talented professionals who have mastered the game of chess.


Excellent and inspiring video tutorial, Thank You

jun watumi

too much talk

blue bee

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Are u good at chess?