Chess : Black win in Just 10 moves | King's Gambit Chess Opening | Chess Game of Capablanca

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As always, you English speakers have problems with the accents hehe.Thanks very much for posting them.You could reply Bf5 and after that move follow up with e6 if white allows such.I love how he talks to the spirts with such pride and confidence.My fafourite: radix sort LSD!Alpha Zero refuted Queens Indian?

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This is really cool continue the good work and grind


Bloody hell.from the uk...this is so mind boggling and so alternately incredible!!! Love the work vert talentet mind..peace and love

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Great job!!

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It's great to see Such Craftsmanship is still steady and strong, The apprentices seem to have a few words to say. Great stuff.

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Lots of love from Nepal

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I come to your channel only listen to your Russian accent. ... And your work is too outstanding. ...


That's my favorite 960 opening

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2:50 aww, ...

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I. Am.Canadian

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Before 5:23 there are 13 coins on the table, then one magically disappear...

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That does the jobRobot chess board then removes piece

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The Queens Indian Defence by U B Slaughtered


At 9:30 what is the way white continues the attack after black plays e5?

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All of em.


3:36"So, here, Juan Corzo, instead of Ke4, goes Kg4, already looking for adventure."It's these smooth and folksy descriptions of games that are why agadmator's channel just took off and is so much better than any other chess channel on YouTube or anywhere else!

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