Thanks a lot for hosting it :).I disagree with john l.You can sell the sports bet during the game on FanDuel (i do not work for fanduel).When you promote a pawn, you should replace the pawn for another piece before you press the clock.I really enjoy your videos.

I made 3d engine.Ang galing umakting ni jairus at ni kuya long.U kojen si gradu?Walk to the back end of the sheet, lift ONLY that end (12 the weight.That way I can get the tricky bits but not have to sit through an hour long video.Game starts grey sweater kid: I’m already six dimensions ahead of you.

That awkward moment when there is a Ultimaker in the printing room for Prusalab.There should be more classes like this one so maybe the birth rate will go down.Or, the known availbility of spiders so you could use a large hole record on a small hole machine, but the lack of being able to do it the other way around.I'll give you $70 for it.Bro the dude testing them never smiled.Of all the moves I would never have found, pulling the knight back to h1 was one that I wouldnt even consider.

Edit: OMG Thank you so much for 60 likes guys!because I have only one point to make as a viewer.In the past video where you guys thought someone was kicking through the ceiling there were chandeliers.To miss a mate like this, woah.I’m sure my friends would build one as well.Will Carlsen defend his title?Check out this chess game: Jhonnybaez vs SanchicoBCN -.So obviously 12 and anybody who says otherwise is wrong.54$ Thank Me Later.Woww, amazing video, but btw where is Hikaru?

Well I've read a

Well I've read a

Tory looks like a brother of Scott Manley.I always disturb with text covering the video.InspectorElement.This video IS indeed really hard to follow, just because you go through things so quickly, like you expect us all to know what everything is.Huh didnt know that.I love your sense of humor.Those balls are so unpolished lol.Also, 28:00 what move was that?Don't take chances.

I wonder if it could explain inflation andor

I wonder if it could explain inflation andor

If Nd6 is superior, it's because it forces the queens off the board, and Black's is better-positioned on an open rank.Salam Damai dari Indonesia love from Indonesian.Kebanyakan materi mas.Nice that you give a shout out to Mayer's cover of Free Fallin' (it's my all time favorite cover).Are these boards available now?I guess player 2 just cant be bothered.12:11 why didn't you play pawn to b4 and fork the Queen and Knight?Biggest lie ever:Reading the USER'S MANUAL.

X -55) (this is where I want the score to decrease from the current score).I thought it was to the point, and the moves were something a club player would make, not a 2700.What happened to the salt circle Jay Station left in that room?And this is what he meant it :'))) Iam proud of you today,more than yesterday but less than tomorrow.3rd is no stat customization as in str, DeX, agi, Int, and luck or w.

Starting from the top

Starting from the top

You'll get your ass kicked trying these.First we try them all in the pairs AB, CD, EF, GH, that's 4 attempts and because we are maximally unlucky, none of these pairs were 2 charged batteries.A simple solution (to address melickon's concerns) is to create a draft channel in the bottom at each end with some rectangular duct or PVC and put some creatively contrived air openings in that front base trim.32:42 my dream come true momentEric read my comment.So we're not gonna question the king pullin out a fuckin gun and shootin the bishop?I can definitely use that a lot.- How to catch all lions in Africa:1.EVEN THE CRITICSLISTEN.Do you make and sell to order, and if so, how should one contact you?

martin eloff

hey mr nerd was just wondering could you pls sponser me some filament just got into 3d printing and im loving it bought a anet a8 and upgraded it to am8 cheapest one i could get :(

The Ulmitter

1:21 OH MY GOD, YOU GOT THAT RIGHT, I WAS SO FREAKED OUT...You got the other two wrong tho


awesome thank you sir

Aaron Burr Atwood.

My pediatrician growing up (20 years ago ) died about a year after retiring when hispersonal plane crashed. He live on for a few days, he was put into a medical coma on account of multiple bone fractures. He was never able to be pulled out of the coma and passed away after he was taken off life support.

Elizabeth Porter

Thats pretty awesome


Noen def looks like a kpop boi

Rashad Jackson

Anwar Point me out I got Shine losing too Brizz clearly 2-1.

Stranger Waters

Actually Kasparov played very defensive. He should have controlled the central squares better. Esp when second knight was about to be captured, he should pushed his central pawn forward, getting his queen too on an Active square..I think it was a Psychological loss, more than Technical loss..


Hey Joel, not sure if you will see this. But an easier way to do something like that with the laser would be to have it just focus on drawing the lines themselves. Then you could have just peeled up the alternating pieces without having to burn through full sections. This was a trick that I figured out with my (far less powerful) laser, it can also be useful for spray painting custom stencils out of the painters tape.


He looks like 50 cent from the side

Jeremy Specce

Absolutely ridiculous project but elegantly done and some very useful techniques employed so certainly a worthwhile endeavor. When you were cutting the angles on the sled were you going just past the center so you wouldn't be left with a flat spot when you cut the other half of the angle?

Ainsley S


WillkommenHaupt Cruz

On 9:45 she should have moved rook to d3 or king to d2 once that the game is done to favor her. To me first the king, What do you think?

Cris john momandre

Wow hahahaha

Raja Krishnan

is spacex going to kill ula

Clifford Dalton

beautiful, well done.