I also have a Craftsman with embossed name (coffin-style lid) but with two latches (No.Susan's commentary is like listening to a bedtime story where the good chess player lives happily ever after.PEOLLE CANT LISTEN TO YOU (MEDIA).Luckily I told my male friend how I felt and I’ve felt better since then.What you expect?5:23 "spigot algorithhms seem pretty useless though, what sort of person ever wants a single digit of pi?I am lost for words.

He seems to either

He seems to either

Nice movie, ayal thallii padam nashippich!And who cleanes that up?Black would've moved his king next to your pawn to capture it the next move.You could win on the very firsts 5 min.I saw that right away because I know that pattern.Great analysis, the graph of advantage surprised me!

Don't use your hand as a hammer, even Chickadee knows that :).You sure earn every plank of wood.This guy played an almost perfect game until Rd1.Could Carlsen take over from move 7 and win.Thank you so much for this wonderful recipe it's amazing thanks again.0002" -that is pretty impressive.Best Regards and thanks for showing the process.What is gluing for when screwing is done before the glue dries out?That’s what they’re are for!

Originally it's a trap by Reti.

Originally it's a trap by Reti.

Im thinking about to invite you next year to the german baltic coast for a big adventure.Pronounced- ht -.Fantastic, I love the creativity, can't wait to see what pops out next!I’m so fricking lucky my grandparents andor my parents were not killed by this sicko killed.However it is a losing position.Kalo kuda makan kuda gimana tuh?


Just to defeat magnus there should be special Masterclass lessons taught by ivanchuk

Vernon Himes

You explain the game chess in 11 minutes and 57 seconds very well done

Carlos Palacios

You took half of the country and we cannot take some video for the stupidity of the masses?


I gues he dont have many friends, sarcasm not for everyone

Danvi vlogs

Nakakaiyak sobra but very inspiring God bless you more sinon

Brenda Hooten

Financial burdens can suck the life right out of you.  A little extra money each week can sure be a great relief, especially in harder times like now.

Dale Sexton

Another way to determine where to drill for a dowel joint is to use a beebee!!

Trivandrum Frames

Their discussion towards the end shows the level of respect they have for each other! Absolute Legends!

Melissa Dichesare

Have you ever returned to this Hospital after this video ?What's scary is, you dont really know if what your communicating with really is a spirit of a child or a demon.

Tom Cave

Nice win

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The mistake is missing the distinction between "identically equal" vs. "constrained to be equal"Take the original equation.we have x2 x 1 = 0 so x 1 = -x2now substitute x1 for -x2so x 1 = x 1so x can be anything, which implies many numbers equals zero after plugging back into the original equation.of course this is false. The problem is that we subtituted using a constraint rather than an identical truth (like substituting 1 for sin2x cos2x)

Guz Man

That was a very speculative rook sacrifice


Thanks very interesting

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nice watch dude, what is it 1985 watch