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Show the board not players

c Dng Ng

Vietnamese = 30 Cantonese 30 mandarin????

Akekasith Kesvadhana

ballarmaster only in a close game


1:24 look at his dog


crazy how he uses the 3 skeletons, i cant use them for my life

Joo Gabriel

i hate you assasin you kill my favorite >:(

AAK Penspinning

at 6:00 the black knight captured nothing

E Pica


Brandon Dye

Let's be honest. Carlsen is better than Naka at blitz, and Naka is...probably better than Carlsen at bullet.

23Christian Tuthill

When someone farts in a snow fort, then the snow fort blows up.

Grivalodon Productions

Loved the Time Chamer DBZ reference!


Why not invest money into buying a decent desktop with a decent webcam? You're Magnus fucking Carlsen with $8M. I'm no one, and I built a PC for $3k. You don't even need to build a beast. Just a simply PC for internet and streaming.

Outta Bubblegum

Steinitz Immortal was better.

Chako Panapally


Old Geezer Gaming

My chess heroes are Bobby Fisher and Magnus a close second is he the best player that's even been ... we shall see I saw the Rook to e6 which only hastened the draw

Gigigi John

11:05 so space is surrounded by time or does time only exist inside space?12:00 so would there be 2 main spaces and 6 sub spaces governed by 1 time or 2 main times(past and future?) and 6 sub times governed by one space. Wtf am I doing rn

David Lovell

Great Job!!What resin do you use ??


in the beginning of the video you brought out this yellow turntable, and I thought you bought it and then were going to make something like it.nice work!!!looks like a professional made it,I'm sorry, as far as I'm concerned you are a professional!!!!!!!!!!!!!

like event



23-1 = -3- 7

spooky cinammon

my biology final is tomorrowprocrastination gang


12:30 Why push the pawn E5 when you can capture D5?


I loved to see your shop "toys". I don't think I have seen them before.Without a doubt,you are an artist. Man, what a pleasure to watch!