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God really bless you mehnnnnn."A magician never explains his tricks, but I'm not a magician, I'm a mathematician, and we love to explain our tricks.Great stuff,keep it upp.

Please give some appreciation to these songs Arranger : Makiko Hirohashibeautifuly arranged these songs, from Joe Hisaishi's orchestra to piano version.This is not only confidence, but first and foremost, lack of respect.I am troubled by the lack of cultural diversity.I too still enjoy open reel tape and my Tascam 2 track deck spinning at 7 12 or 15 IPS is still running great.Hikaru poor endgame player.I cant see whites next move.

Thanks very much.

Thanks very much.

My question is: 1.What a reckless movementQueen threat KING with no suportQueen died lost.I have to think to much to picture a square based on it's coordinates and they say so many so quickly - although, admittedly, not quickly to them - that I can't follow the conversation.Still, like the Apollo program, the New Horizons mission is incredible!He has no tournaments at the moment.I don't know why naka resigned he was in a winning position.

The kid is brilliant, no doubt about that.""Nf6 doesn't work because of gxf6.Lol no not maybe, you are self absorbed.Can I get that from you soon?Can we use chocalate essence?

If in a bit of a hurry buy the sanding sealer.Congratulations on the new tool.Why not black bishop d4 at 3:24?Does Play chess eliminates calories?They just harbour bacteria and are completely unnecessary.I'll be back to take pointers from your videos once I've done the basics.Inspiration guys.


Good luck to you all



David Eddleman

Eric hey I have a game I would like you to look at if you got the time since this video you posted was about gambitsI call it rook sacrifice. White.Black P to D4.P to D6 P to E4. P to E5 Q to F3.Kn to C6 P takes E5. P takes E5 P to H4.B to E6 Kn to C3. B to C5 Kn to D5. Kn to F6 B to C4. P to B6 P to A3. P to A5 B to D2.Q to D7 Kn takes F6.Pawn takes F6 Here it appears white has advantage Q takes F6. B takes C4 Q takes H8. King to E7 Q takes A8. Kn to D4 B to F4.Kn to C2 Check mate for black Reason I ask you to look at this game is it allows with the rook sacrifices like white is in control while that knight sneaks in for mate let me know what you think love your videos


That noise sounded like blinds


Thanks for an interesting and informative video, but it made me cringe watching you place your hands so close to spinning saw blades and router bits. I speak from bitter experience: one tiny slip or a small kick of the wood and you get to spend days in hospital and months in rehab and your hand will never be the same. Please sir, use a push stick, push block or push pad, especially as you seem have new woodworkers watching and learning from you. You might consider this old woodworking adage: Want to keep five fingers on each hand? Then keep five inches from the blade or bit. Take care, John.

Oliver Hernandez

Can we arrange lessons?

Saida Abdultaha


wimpus daftlander

"A man with one clock knows the time, a man with 2 is never certain"I don't know who says it but they are words worth living by

Jan ebek

No Mans Sky had lesser hype than circle inversion method.

GoldenGlow Violet

2.5k people were Muggles

anand Soni

Sir were do you leren

Sebastian Ramadan

Herp derp, I can still get stalemate with only a king versus an opponent who has a queen I can't step close to... two queens? Pfft, I'll get stalemate or be checkmated trying!


Lenny and Carl are Euler and Gauss!!

Rylan Johnson

Why at 40:16 couldn't queen a1 be played for mate in 1

Koushik H

Funny thing I noticed in Badabun's video is that the intro is almost 5 seconds long, and when the guy completes the speedrun, the onscreen clock shows 5 minutes 12 seconds, whereas the video length, including the intro was only 5 minutes 7 seconds.One more thing. Karl's video of exposing the cheating video has more views that the cheating video itself.


This guy is my favorite US player, hands down. He's a bit nerdy, but hes cool enough to make up for it. This is our new Fischer, except not quite as crazy and not (yet) a WC. Love these streams too great analysis and comprehensive relaying of his thought(s).

100 subs with no videos

What is inside area 51

Anton Mossberg

this was probably the ugliest game i have seen from probably the best two american players


Thanks. Very helpful and easy to understand. I liked your pace.

David Verm

at 9.20 knight to C3 with check  wins


Bulgarian 5th graders need to answer this... while they do push-ups.


Is it for sell ? great job!

Joe Davies

Superb. Best chess vids on the net.

Zyron vloging and gaming tv

this is for a begginer,No one will do the move you do its only for noobs