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Excellent presentation very well animated and narrated -

Excellent presentation very well animated and narrated -

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New to woodworking.

New to woodworking.

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If you want to see how this beautiful

If you want to see how this beautiful

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How do they know if blue whales get cancer? Are they killing and dissecting whales?


Wasn’t the last game already been played by Adolf Anderssen ?

David Trogdon

This guy shouldn't grab those shavings while the lathe is turning he is risking serious injury,

Matthew Cummings

Many people are taught that axiom that if you can take your opponents major pieces (queen, rook, etc), you should do so however, in this particular end game, that wouldn't have been as profitable. With only a single rook against two minor pieces, Bobby now cannot trap the king without promoting a pawn, which is harder to do since Pal now has more pieces that Bobby does. Pal can synergize his pieces to make up for not having a rook while Bobby is left to attempt a solo act while White attacks.

Dirk Kruger

So when the light stops working how do you replace it ?


Why doesn't this kid know how to play chess at all? Bad teacher? :(

Harathalu Chandrashekara

Heavenly moves!!!


Aga is gimmy-money-wannabe-youtuber with "and now..." phrase 50 times in one video

Mike Baxter

It's beautiful


Can I use chocolate instred of Coco pwdr?

russell zauner

I would have just made it out of aeriated concrete instead of fiberglass....


hey simon, do you think you could make a tutorial for a system like the furniture placement in animal crossing? i'm an artist trying to learn programming and i just can't figure out how to do this haha

Tia Catron

That's zozo upstairs


Go Ben!So is it just me or you seemed a lot happier playing on Lichess as opposed to

chanchal jha

Stafford gambit

Vikram Srinivasan

Height Sir Weight Sir Tight Sir Right Sir

Pawn Grabber

With the super hyper accelerated dragon,the Sicilian Dragon is back,and with vengeance!