Chess : Amazing Attack against French Defense

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Umiyak talaga ako Maganda na mabait pa.I was hoping for someone from Adams family as narrator.That was extremely exciting.I think the real slim Chuck Norris is GM Spraggett.But the way the light reflects on the finidhed surface.

7:42 thank you Mr.

7:42 thank you Mr.

I laughed so hard.Forever a humble student.Actually, 7 thousands years ago lived the common ancestors of the Eurasian population.This look like shit.Aap bohat piyri ho di.At dis age I was playing Chess like a Harry Potter game.The note sounded at 3:45 was not C, it was F.

Why is shankland such

Why is shankland such

But now I know and I feel more confident thx.I just had that 'ooh, I'm an idiot" moment, because I realized what I was doing wrong.11:07 you could say they brought the house down.The return of the wooden L.Let some them tell you how to talk?WWI effectively prevented Capablanca from becoming the world champion 3-6 years earlier.10:20 lmao why did he sound like jeffy.Have you poured resin over salt rocks, like the salt rock lamps?There are several chess analyst in the web.I checked another video that said game of the century.

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Walnut has always been

Walnut has always been

Entire thing costed me less than 15.And how do u rate my rating on that site.Magnus carlsen is like a b4nny in chess lol.I give him that.Lots of movebut where is ghost.Be6 i tng manh cua trng thi se hay hn.He gave the only thing he got and knew in his life.Great your comments after game.

I've done it twice, with the stated rules, and it works fine.Everyone keeps saying the crowd was ass you can't get mad at the crowd when they think the battlers aren't doing what they supposed to do it's like when cass got mad at the crowd for booing him y'all booing the greatest shit in the worldlol trash is trash can't get mad when the crowd think so.THE POWER OF THE MUSIC.If Bob At 4:50 stage.It's still not worth $5,000.But at 7:19 isn't it two rooks and a bishop against a queen and a knight?I think the ans will 8C34!

Or you could not design the room this ridiculously bad.Without sounding morbid, when Brian does pass, can you imagine what Red will fetch at auction?WHATS UP WITH THAT?Your lights keep going out.Where do u find music that horrible?Oh, and PS: some older opera- and symphonic sets I've bought had the sidesnumbers set up for changers!This is 30% magnus.Please rename video to "Magnus plays White".Compare that to your much more relaxed style when speaking live in the shop.(The opening trap itself was probably from some kind of book as Dlugy noted, but after the trap, the way TrickyMate set up the mate so quickly and effortlessly--and yet it was subtle enough that a 3100 player missed it.


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Rick in Texas

This is a brilliant enhancement to the famous 21 card trick. I have always been intrigued as to why the 21 card trick worked. Your insight was very helpful.


Fantbulous yummmmmyyy


Irina Krush you are so much more pretty than ben finegold lol, thats good, just because, and its bad because i get distracted.

Farzad Moein

You didn't mention the inventor of alcohol, Zakaria Razi from Iran found alcohol out .it was basd on his research.

Benjamin Ren

Antonio said "let's check out this game" instead of "let's see this game." :'(

Nagabhushan C.B

what if he opens with c3


So annoying that you can't buy these anywhere that look so nice


I saw a book about this at JMM last year and wondered what was creating the beautiful images on the cover. It’s great to finally find out!

Donald Sinnett

25:50 when you said it looks like a face on the wall i think it looks like there is a face between the door and the door frame above whatever is in that room! crazy!

Mr Robot

I love hearing and seeing how carlsens mind works. Such a awesome champion!


at 13:15 you hear someone scream after he shouts james

Keshav Jindal

How did he do this? literally how?

I Lethal I

Well an ATM is A TIME MACHINEATimeMachine

Parth Thakkar

Take a shot whenever Naka says 'It's just a draw'!