But they do look great.Or buy mexican candy.I thought I was a decent chess player until I watched these on YouTube and realised I'm lower than a beginner.NXf6(Check) - eXf6 6.So an easy win next time.Ie what if I moved my piece back and forth 10 to the 1500000 times before I made my next move.Power Pro's are great as they are strong and have either the star or square slots.Wow, what a fantastic idea!

He resigns for no reason - definition of online chess.Absolutely Beautiful!My personal opinion is that our generation is suffering a lot more cancer and other serious diseases because of overexposure to chemicals.Thank you for making content and for sharing it openly on Youtube.

That elephant in the thumbnail is smiling because you just fell for his trap.Already thinking of some personal touches but man those a great!I am a simple guy, i see Evans Gambit and i press like (y).I heard coronavirus is spread thru reading and replying to YouTube comments.Jajajajajajajajajajajajajajajaja.

Can see no corners are cut.Chessenthusiast Thanks for the feedback.Why would anyone dislike a game from Ivanchuck?I don't see the point of Qa4 and then Qc2.Great video on a great project.Why cant you show some games on Fischer?They're like tweety and sylvester.Cs(37,5): error CS0103: The name TapController' does not exist in the current contextAssetsScriptsGameManager.

Like upgrade the ram, add ssd or replace the screen with better one?But I think the other dude choked.Yo moe u fooled us maybe there was a 3 rd person remains onthe house who closed the door from behind.And how much time does it take?Anyone watching 2019?Anyone give a way money?And if I was against a champ I.

29:09 what if black try to counter attack with Bh3?Where did you get your clamps?I will also attempt to make this beautiful piece.Would force the king back to kg8 thus allowing Nf6?I just heard a screaming.

" at that last game.I would like,you load more 5 min chess tournaments,in this way we can lear and understend more technic and tactin from you than 1 min tournamens.Otherwise, an entertaining and surprisingly educational video.The analysis is also my favorite of recent games.How to ask person who is incessantly coughing which is natural and implicit?I watched thar before this 1.


Wooow latvian openning is so cool

Adam Zvodsk

I am so glad I am not very proficient at chess. Me and my daddy both play similiary terribly and the games are swingy and a lot of fun.

Gary Richardson

FF v b ft


Man im cringing so much

Colin MacKenzie

WOW!  Now, THIS is impressive.  Not high tech, barely low tech, almost no tech, but look at the work he does!

Holy Dreevje

That is absolutely beautifull, the finish is really stunning