Chess24 Banter Blitz with Kingscrusher

OMG are incredible and is amazing, I love this.Its also Ron Moore's touch I appreciate as a writer.Split the difference and study mechatronics.I would love to suprise him for Christmas.I do the welding in our shop on basically the same setup.It was used in Japan and China though.I don’t mean to sound dismissive but.How can we move elephant and king at a time.

Linus can I borrow $800usd

Linus can I borrow $800usd

Hi, i am GM Mario Sergovski, and i can say the kid playvery well.2:32, can't the Queen simply kill the Horse?Given that many use "i" as index in for loops, I guess it's confusing to call the instance "i" as well.Stop and think, you are doing more, even if it looks like nothing.20 but u did not cover Ng7, u covered Ne5 and Ng5.Where’s the new big shop?Dewalt, Makita, Stanley.Carlesen give smile at the end cuz he likes to play with nice opponents and balances with him.

Wood working, metal working, digital electronics, analog electronics.Enthoru beautiful movie aanu.This seems normal even in today’s America.You are so humble and good guy john!All you do is sit there bitching that you not a GM yet.I wanted to make the level 3 onion rings, but I just don't have the thyme.I mean I knew he was hard for modesty but not this much.Could we see you play a game?I mean guys, the lasers are too fast ohmygod.2019 l mathram Alla.

Again, very expensive, but it was magical.

Again, very expensive, but it was magical.

Edit: With only one exception: 9th March - you know what I mean.The beauty and charm of the UP third speaker loosen up my stand against their argument.We are confused by our intuition.(Place them in the sleeves as you take them out of your steam box.You mean to make sure the penny is at most 1982.They didn't win.Is it made of olive wood?So all I need is $10,000 worth of tools to build a $50 cutting board.

Safe to say 1 in every 5 people is dodge.Magnus time 5 minutes - camera fixing time.Can we try this recipe without egg because of the egg allergy?I am I the only one who noticed something odd on the top of the shelf?Yo, das some crazy synergy.That part with the salt.Enjoyed his commentary very much.

Look at 9:20, black is winning no ?When the game ends the pipes don't restart they just stay where they are, when i hit restart a whole new set of pipes come over the previous pipes.Khayam:sweats nervously.260 million victims in the 20th century.Doesnt the problem arise from the 2nd step?

RaYze dark

so basically..this is what happens when you don't get a credit card

Hernan Contreras

Very nice

Jiggy Potamus

I have pioneered a new technique called the accidental sacrifice. I'm extremely good at it.


You should have used variables for X, Y,Z motions and the repeat count so it's generic and you can make quick changes up at the top instead of reading through the code.

Okaro Shinn

Gotta love the chessbrah music in the background

who cares

At 15:05. Is there any reason why Carlsen didn't just capture the rook? Seems like an obvious knight for rook trade.


Well another quotation that comes to mind is a knight on f8 there is no mate. Seems like it could be relevant here actually.

Ej Icon

Another great build. Care to share how you created those 20mm dog holes on your work bench top at 7:11? I’ve been avoiding the jigs that cost more than $100 so I’m hoping you have a better solution

Fadil Kadriu

well done, this is amazing work, I enjoy watching a true craftsman.


He need some MILK


Lol playing checkers with chess pieces

Gary Brant

JT the Crop-duster