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I know that's a good way to go but I don't want to spend the money.The movement at 5:25 was great :).BlitzLunar kukar.Prag was actually winning in this game, Anand needed to play h5 after h4, as is common in sicilian dragon games to slow down the yugoslav attack.Twilight15617 i think so, john williams scores are so recognizable.You an old punk.

We have dragons in Mother Russia!You may the best ever but you ra human after all.Wish I could smack my "world history" "teacher" with this video.Knight c3 and they give an advantage 0,15 pawns up for white.There is alot more to this than he's saying.I just want a copy of the recording off of it.At 8:18 cant white play bishop to d5 and win the queen?Cherry for the bricks and maple for the mortar.He sounds like the nicest person on earth.

7:36 Wats it doin.I count all four colors in contact with that.Hello Chris and everyone else,The video is very helpfulbut I was wondering if you can give me some advice.Instead of pi i, u said i pi.Dawg sound like ben shapiro LMAOOO.Wait this was posted when i was 2 years old.

Cxd5 I had no clue how to proceed.You truly showed the meaning of hand made.Absolutheightadvantage.I see it often as Black, and I like to play 4.She is so awesome, wish she would teach me:).Thanks for this video.With such time and effort, you could make a real one.And by the time the you figure all that out.

He doesn't have shit on the green

He doesn't have shit on the green

Really your explanation is wow.How is the young man that got thrower in the wallp.You're my new favorite YouTuber!2:55 you didn't realize it was mate "okay yay I won.Get a man who loves you the way this man loves dowels.I feel better now.Magnus Carlson TOO INTENSE!5% of the wealthAnd now Islam is the largest the basic lathe tech.

Great video I have followed you on chess.He could have taken the Queen but he would have lost his other Rook in the process."If you don't dare to sacrifice a piece you don't deserve to win" ukwrites96.Real assassins eat ass.I feel like they wouldn't have played it like that.Supimpa,um trabalho muito bem executado e til.Shouldnt endgame tablebases contain the answer to agadmator's question who win if 2 perfect players played it?This must have taken you a whole day, you did well shortening it to 36 mins!Since you didn't preheat, the vise WILL break again at the same place.You are an awesome teacher.

Sliding Windows worker.Thrive live and these two wonderful people are life's gifts!You have a good skills.Why dont play a5 in 1:55 if Ra5 Ra8.LOL IT'S OK CLAIRE!Ok im still using my 2009 acer laptop.Why are we seeing lectures from november now and not sooner?That thing would've lasted forever.

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Tal is mentally insane......we need another Tal.


He now rides Argento in Elysium.

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Muy lento tedioso y aburrido to.


awesome bro!!

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when rook takes pawn he forks king and rook with the knight

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Hi Hikaru, check Antonio Garcia Villaran’s channel about art and hamparte ) I think you will enjoy it hehe


5:01 why is e5 no longer possible? can't see it

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9:28. has 9 seconds to play "I think black is in a big big trouble"

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puts beer down