I thought chessnetwork was the best analysis on youtube, you seem to be right up there with him!That banana slip though bahaha.Sandpile processors.Redo with drones so we can see the entire system.Simply brilliant!Credit to opponent in spite of so called dumbest move he drawn game with two super GMs.

I love this kind of vids.Ask for help if needed.THEY'RE HORCRUXES!20:45 couldn’t he play Bishop on h2 and then rook d2 winning the queen?I am curious as to the retail on something like that I can't lie!

Instructions not clear: Accidentally burnt the

Instructions not clear: Accidentally burnt the

As far as I know, I am the last living Do335 piolet.Carmilla silvanna anyone?This gives the gooswbumps as if someone is running away from someone in a dark tower.You all poor people are busy with social media network and spending your money and data to make one guy who created that platform rich, then you sit on the fence and call him evil.A good release for a mold if you aren't relying on a perfectly smooth surface, you can rub down your mold with a small amount of petroleum jelly and you won't have a hard time releasing something from the mold.I’m better at checkers but I always love a good challenge for my brain.4:39 you dont tell if its black or whites turn.Gee whiz mister your videos are really swell!

As I watched, I thought I'm gonna note

As I watched, I thought I'm gonna note

Thanks for the videos, keep making them.Why do you keep cutting to backstage during game 2?Those who released him have that blood on their hands.Salim kumar fans like.Im not trying to be rude, I am just asking a question as a beginner would worker with very little time and tools.I've played chess for years and this tutorial is boggling my mind.Ohhhh he means Zugzwang.Arka just blundered a piece cause if he recaptures its Checkmate.

You don't need fancy

You don't need fancy

One generation30 years.But i still use my macbook air for editing photos and 4k video on final cut pro.Ben Finegold for president!Excellent knowledge, understanding, presentation.Requires a jig that saves making 40 some odd marks.This magzy looks so good.(not relevant if you're rail riding).

I own a solid oak "shoe shine

I own a solid oak "shoe shine

Isn’t This An Old Version Of Khet.Excellent video.This is great to study with chapters 1 and 2 of Reassess Your Chess by Silman.Idk seems like it could happen.Really interesting video.If black takes the queen, white takes the rook with checkmate.Technology is advancing also the technology and science and Engineering can offer many answers II's and many solutions to many men's problems or woman's problems the truth of the matter is the scientist that created and the engineers is that created the world we live in today and I don't think to be honest we really appreciate how much cheaper they have made life and how much they have increased the wealth of Nations by the innovation a goals to open up new boundaries in materials and manufacturing processes How Little We are aware of the men and women who make her country the prosperous Nations they are by their engineering skills and my what they give in to society How Little We Know About the improvements I have made to everyone's lives.

Huzaifa Sajid

speed = 1.25... thank me later


Where can I get that dress

baraba barabba

They're like tweety and sylvester

Alan Ferguson

Why keep fiddleing with the box????


"Let's be consistent here." Is not consistent at all. Haha. However nice job, SAD.

Chris Salomone

Thank you for watching! Make sure to look at the description for links to all the tools. Here are the Saws:CIRCULAR SAW Hikoki / Metabo HPT US Version - of the World - SAWS Festool - Kreg - ADAPTIVE CUTTING SYSTEM Kreg Adaptive Cutting System - now Until December 31st Kreg is running a promo on the ACS. Here is a link to the page with the deals and all information: SAWS SawStop Jobsite Saw - SawStop Professional Cabinet Saw -


1) get a table saw (sawstop jobsite saw will be the best safe option)2) get a track saw. If money is tight, get a dewalt or makita , however if you like a better quality, Festool is the best way to go.3) get an incra miter gage, that way you will not need to get a miter saw, unless you need to cut really long pieces

Hanning Yu

So pain to see it without bridge. My eyeballs are HURTS.

Bob West

I'm confused. It looks like bit for pin board is straight, no taper. After rewatching, is it because thejig has the taper?So this tutorial is jig specific?


Most beautiful chess game ever made

Bryan Black

I just wanted to mention how much t I appreciate that you guys keep in mind that not all of your audience are young killers and tht some of us are older and beginners. So I appreciate that you try to make the show understandable for us as well.

Richard Kreher

I'm a BIG FAN!!But I don't think you should have covered the speakers!!It would have looked cooler without the green covering, But that is just my humble opinion.

Mike Young

The only opening I like as it makes for crazy games. Thanks for analyzing it. One of my first chess books: The King's Gambit Korchnoi, Zak got me excited about the opening a very long time ago.

Sephora Lee

"Music reinforcing existential crisis"me: nice


Time to remove my adjusters, I HATE them,you are spot on Rex!

Cycling Evangelist

Its hard to believe there will be a stronger World Champion, but there will.

Mehrdad Ghahremanirad


kastriot berisha

this dont work in Ballkan states?//

Larry Barba

yo make extremely entertaining and fun videos


I realize now how karpov’s personality is so much better to view and you can feel his generosity, compared to Kasparov. Great world chess champion A.K, great interview.

Rachel Puckeridge

Excessive stabbings - did he have a problem getting it up?!


i've seen the galaxy, son.that's not what the galaxy looks like.ha.i kid.this is awesome.

Lobo Mangrich