Talk can sacrifice his King.Ok -- berryyyyy berrrry nice.Whens the rick and morty saga?Pretty obvious I think.Thanks for sharing this video."Am I running into e6?But what about King to C3?"A tic tac means you're fresh.

What glitters u r using.Putting all this together results in the formula, (.Also make videos on opening s please.The game was wired and monitored for crying out loud.Especially to someone like myself who is just starting their woodworking journey.Well, first few seconds of the match and you demonstrated that you had no clue how to play chess lol.

Thats a really nice shed you built for

Thats a really nice shed you built for

7:13 which piece is this?What if you have something like 6.I don't know how long it would take me if I could use a damn board and pieces.Nice to see a fellow left-hander."Cancer killing cancer"Excuse me for playing League, alright?My friend at 12:52, do you think the best player in the world would be so stupid to play knight e8-f6?The town is Eastbourne in the county of Sussex.Awesome video I think I learned more from this one video than any of the many other videos i have seen on wood working.Don’t mind me, just hoping I get into part two.Instead of Nh6 what about d5.

17:04, an honest attempt at lying?Keep in mind that those things are good for pull-strength, but are bloody shite for sheer.Mate, what a video.Can floof turn my orange a.But then I realized that the story, action and person involved in the note of symmetry you talked about will nearly ensure that people will remember that concept.

I include most Merkins is this group, which

I include most Merkins is this group, which

Joe Biden is not a likable guy.I knew the move because another chess channel made a puzzle about it not too long ago.This would make it more convenient for blade changes without having to move far from your work when you need to change the blade.REALLY DIGGING YOUR EXPERTISE IN THIS MANNER OF INSTRUCTION ENLIGHTENMENT.Looks like some scientists are blind wanting to explain things they believe.Keep up the content!Oissev onos won't be very happy.

Just curious, would a miter cut work for the rails and stiles?Nice presentation, Eric.Magnus have mandibular prognatism.Love all videos from this girl!Absolutely beautiful work!The Dems have to have rallies to end up with a leader.Illuminati game don't pay thir game ever this will open Gen gate.Dear god, please protect the souls of human watching this.You earned a solid sub from me DUDE.Angkulit nyan kahit dati pa kaya lagi namin nabubuly medyo nakakakonsensya yan pala pinagdadaanan nya sa bahay nila.


those checkers look like white chocolate =O

Matt G

Around 8:54 that figure looked as if it had blue jeans on. Maybe overalls. But definitely looked like jean material.


good game with a bad ending.

Ulf Tornert

Oh, those fancy wheels!

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Noreen Abel

Love this , appreciate your talent once again.

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exponent mantissa

Wow. What a minefield to navigate.