Use the waist-high flat carts at HD.2000 :D i so understand you!Please turn down the music when you're talking.Ah the old "compliment eugene" strategy, i like it.Fan KASPAROV ))).

I found a brilliancy at 5:44 rcg6 but ra2 stops it.It's 2019 and and good wholesome family still play together with guns in the background and in their hands.Gip e vi e sm c 1 cuc thi c vua nhng khoogn hiu bit v cc th c.We take f(x)(i-1)m(m-x).I am an electrical engineer but my true passion is custom wood working and I own a custom wood working shop.Day 9 of saying hello till Agad notices me.Also, people back then thought the TV was looking back at them.James looks like Casper in the thumbnail.

I just want

I just want

Love the vertical partitions.Please use the metric system only.Not sure what strategy this is called, but I also rarely move a piece unless I have them "backed" by another piece.Where the swastika?I don't know if that's the cause, but I will before spring.I'm an internet person and I screamed.

Currently GUKESH is the youngest Indian GM and 2nd youngest in the world.Awesome your videos are getting better.Atleast put Fear in the Dark,jeesus.While Kurt is a professional chess master and a wonder musician, I’m just here watching Try Guys while eating potato chips.Great industrialtechno soundtrack!

I don’t even want to know the price tag on this baby.Thanks a lot for such awesome videos.Jerry, 1:55, the point of Bc2 was actually very strong.Self-evaluation, over due.You did a great job on the cake.

4:34 we can play f3 instead of knight e2plz sir give me solution on my question.I barely play chess but I love watching your videos, it makes me want to learn !Yeah for sure i got all that stuff at home.Beautiful cutting board.Please tell me how to download your chess software.Spasibo za krasotu kotoruyu v nam predstavlyayete.

Chess fun to watch from when I played 50 yrs ago :).Bring back the dog, mate.Mikhail tal: hold my.Can i get a man ray style board somewhere for pretty cheap?Anytime there's a little bit of sound around, I don't hear anything anymore.Thanks for the massive show!Portuguese legended please.Correct term "Battle of the Danes".Tal vs fisher would be a good game to watch.Don't know if would work but if sub was internally weighted and suspended on fishing line prior to pouring resin.

Duude great games, love the 5 minute games.What a wonderful teacher for any and all turning.9:29 typically a teacher sentence.Forget that cheap crap made in China.Ado pottaposts chyumbo muzuvaum chyanam.

the pianist

three hoodie guysthe longest king's walkimmortalfour pauses in a videothe craziest variationsfucking freaking lines, I mean very vastly fucking freaking linesif you want to watch a game that have all of these in a single videothen you have to dive straight into it and watch this

Ji Blaho

Why not capture the e4 pawn with the knight? 5:15 or even before

Jean Zino

On entend presque rien

Shinee Singson

Like it

Jack Watkins

Why can’t you just swim with the ducks


mi hamachi :                           battle vs chess1                 clave:123                                               battle vs chess2                 clave:123                                                battle vs chess3                 clave:123                                                battle vs chess4                 clave:123                                                battle vs chess5                 clave:123

Tom Monk

Morphy was aided tremendously by his photographic memory.He learned the game from his uncle, but he had an intuitive understanding of development and initiative.I wish he had had a chance to play Staunton Morphy would have killed him.He was clearly the best in his day.He would have tremendous in any age.

Inner Peace


Raden Lusiver

good at making doesnt mean good at playing.

Bruno Henrik

0:21 the guy eat his own queen?

Gel Allan Bareja

Hello thanks for the guide


1:02:23 Magnus took a loss! Who is AfuroZamurai who managed to beat MagzyBogues?


Those suggestions were helpful, inspirational and a great way to avoid the desperation of chasing a number. Some of my Uncle Melvin’s best work was created using a Stanley folding ruler, a scribe, a sharp pencil, a few sticks and the patience to know sneaking up on a cut was proven to be the best way for him when making furniture. He built a bunch of houses over the years, which close was good enough when framing.It really comes down to patience and alittle confidence.They both grow over time, with a little patience.Oh yeah... Thank you for sharing.Great video.

Valentin Cavazzos

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Christoph Schneider

In 07:48 what is this? Is it Paint or glue?

Joe Blow

I have never felt like I actually won when I win on time. I feel cheated.


how did the pokemon obey you?

Zahidrahman Chukkan

Cemara menonaa

Wolfsschanze wolf

dude fk sake, slow down with hello everyone


Probably the tenth time I check your channel today in anticipation of the next video in the Cap series. You're the best!





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