Chaduranga(in kannada)

Very nicely done video and easy to follow, thank you.If it was to wait for a bus, where was he planning to go, what was he planning to do?Time after time, he does not bother to defend his pieces.Thanks in advance for taking the time to read me!The best thing about this trick is that you find the card, without knowing what it is :)well the fooled picks the card and finds the card, you just present it like you know what it was.SUSIE WANT TO EAT THAT!Thanks yar aap ne to hamari mushkil asan kardi.Make the disease easy to spread.

You can see someone in grey pants following them!Emang boleh ya kalau pion lawan melewati pion kita.Yeah keep going low.How come there's 361 thumbs down?That seemed neat.I don't think it's safe to upload this on YouTube, it's hardcore porn.Coreteks is back, feels like its been forever.

It is possible to partially disassemble the insulation and short-circuit the thermal fuse.I have never heard of him and I'm pretty well read on serial killers.What is happen last min?Cool voice catches though.Keep helping us out.I didn’t think much of it except for the inside.Is there an alternative without it.Or have the junction on more levels.

I don’t know which is worse, your rambling on about how intelligent your thought processes are or that super fusion gay disco music in the background!"So this is good news for team black squared bishop" D.Thanks for the video.In my case it was the battery.Garry looked 20 years younger!They were wrong then, you are wrong now."Narrator: It didn't.I am truly pleased since can now generate $5859 as a result of this site here: simply Google with no gaps Get PaidHome.We appreciate your efforts and I'll support you bro.Serves you right for playing b3 against a super GM.

Thank you Brilliant.

Thank you Brilliant.

But I want it long like sephiroth the one winged soldiers katana.LOVE how it turned out and all the work you put into this.You are not separated from your goals by time rather you are separated from your goals by a number of actions.The man was clearly mentally ill, with narcissistic personality disorder being the least of his issues.For how much would you sell these?Anyone know why a Japanese saw cuts on the inward stroke instead of outward stroke?When boys' voices be changing 1:16:49.And the time would also be as much.5 was easy, rest is omg!

These tips are AMAZING!You may as well call this the 3rd degree burns table bruh.Also the result of 123.Fun Fact: It's not a German thing :D never heard of "Freinds" before :D.Get Real and Balanced in reporting this!Torvalds deserves better, much better.Excellent video.What’s inside of a bounce house.I hope you continue for many more years.I now have a chance to play and really understand the game.

The Immortal Sun-kun

15:14 The feather and the hammer will a hit the floor!

Miguel Figueredo Toledo



This is ,y 1st time watching but...Im going to sub

Ng Phng

You are too good, very skillful, very accurate. In general, you are very good.


Douglas fir is a fir. Not a pine.

5:26 Okay starting with small thi 5:30 HOLY MOLY THAT IS HUGE

Dianne Rosas

Ang galibg pala ni long.


We can't see the code for your .idea, iml, xml, or ImmutableMap files

The Brightest

7:16 "The good thing about this tournament is that Aliriza joined. The bad thing about this tournament is also that Aliriza joined" Agadmator 2019.

Paul Schuster

When you cut the star pockets and stars on the cnc, did you cut the pockets to the inside vectors, and the stars to the outside, both to the center orwhat?

Ken Brewer

Very nice. I like that you usedwood from the salvaged tree for your mom. When visiting my uncle a few years ago, he gave me two slabs of walnut that my dad had cut down 25 years before. I made cutting boards and other items for my family from the wood.

K Veira

This game reminds me that there is no need to panic! Its better die searching for a good move than do a stupid one. Happy New Year Matto!

Javier Brindis

WHO WILL be next..? a) kasparov vs ivanchukb) kasparov vs gelfandc) kasparov vs shirov ???