Chack'n Pop (FC) | Playthrough

I can't quite figure out, wich of those it is.I know Magnus is the best, but if he is the best why does he seem to draw more than anyone else?This album is so damn goodif you've got some money to spare and have never heard of a subpac m2x, seriously.There, on your opening move, you can either move one pawn two spaces, or two pawns one space.I thought that this tactic was called "Removing the Defender".I enjoy your commentary but the repetitive nature of this elevator type music is maddening.

These are like the Vitamix of Blenders.Earlier division and distribution seemed to be the most difficult topic in combinatorics.In the game you usually play with chips or money but they should play with disgusting foods.

Instead of turning off the train station at 18:17, why not make two one way loops?Machine screws are totally pointless.We're very lucky to live in a tech age where we can watch such great players live.Agad is not from here.I just love u dude.

That one cut red he missed wasn’t even close, it’s IMPOSSIBLE for him who is so accurate at potting to miss by two pockets distance, it’s like when he played against that skinny asian girl and tried to let her win by playing like a fruit bowl.Here in America, locking mechanisms like that aren't common.Suggestion wonderful suggestionThe over-a-year-waited-for winning Lasker and winning Euwe games, please.This shit is really hilarious :D :D lmfao.Glad you saved this beautiful piece of furniture from some egg heads paint over nightmare.Does Ted-Ed have a food playlist yet?

You should do top 10 Alekhein sacrifices  as wellp.RAMANUJAN The Greatest mathematician ever.First things first.The only reason background music would be used in any ghost hunting video is to misdirect or deceive.1:32 q takes c3 is possible because there is still the queen pin.Apparently, his opponent was speaking loudly in Norwegian and it distracted him.And for a while it was okay in that relationship, the friend who had a crush on me seemed genuinely happy with me but it felt forced and odd.StackExchange: can they reduce by 1 more day?Agree with the comments, wish HP got Oscar nominations for best score come ON!But when I float to the left, it doesn't float, it just stays from up to bottom.

Turn the ghetto blaster off ffs.How is it eggless ?Dont expect you to know dutch hardware stores, but what type of storeindustry did you look at to find this type of sheet?It would look great in a cutting board.1:53:48 did I miss something or could he have just won a piece by playing Rxc1?Video is also not that long.In your next iteration, maybe make a two-sided board with Chinese Checkers on one side, and a set of checkers so it’s a board for 3 games?Last day of s11p.Wonderful movie.

That’s how God created the Earth.

That’s how God created the Earth.

11:00 most epic moment.I have never had a phone and I’m 17.Great video, as usual!I finish the video because he makes the Chess game not boring, amazing, considering the factor that I have a short attention span.Seriously, buy anything you need for the next year RIGHT NOW.Wish i saw these videos back in 2013.What's the dog's name?If man 1 yells white, he knows man 2 sees man 3 with a white hat thus he can state he is wearing a black hat.Is it the same with you?"You should leave 4k video editing to your desktop"Assuming you have one.

Of course he has the slits in his face, and something about his voice, however calm it may be, always puts me on edge.Looks like they played for draw since the very start :D.You have a new subscriber and you definitely have a new fan!Also great video edit.Gue sangat suka channel iniLove you.Who's here because of the Slate Political Gabfest?Using that stencil, the vinyl designed for sand blasting, sand blast the imagewords into the word.

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dirty vs fahmi

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Amirwaleed brought me here

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Hi from Georgia, I saw our king there, david IV the builder... Thanks I felt so proud!

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sorry...but......not admirable...

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I dig the Adventure time Futurama crossover shirt lol


Lol! Very good. The only thing is please check the layout so that your picture doesn't cover your opponent's time. Thanks!

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My mom said I can watch one more video before I go to bed

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Alexander was a hundred percent MAN, he loved women and repulsed of the thought of men having sex with each other!

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Wacht again

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And Jamie is kind enough to let us roast him

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Nothing about ketamine?


16:45 best kid roast I’ve ever heard

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16:52 A whole army of legendary dragons and guys with massive stats. And Strongshell Scavenger is just hanging out with them to provide moral support.

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Red Always Loses In These YouTubes!

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Porqu esse vdeo foi recomendo pra mim? S Deus sabe