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Dude, you look skinny.Great great work describing the game!I’m a fan of the color but have heard bad things about it’s tear-out sand-ability.

Everything I see in this video someone did with math and great skill.Blunder and your opponent is better - no, it was a blunder.Just wondering if you have any key advice or linksvideos for turning on a wood lathe for a new starter cheers.Dhileepintr prephomemce adi poli.This is obvious and everyone knows it.Dang Angela Simmons baby daddy got killed?

P, axb6, Rxb6, Ra2 and

P, axb6, Rxb6, Ra2 and

2:32 why will bob think that Alice sees at most 18 why not more that 20?U can make money on chess.That burrito must taste delicious.When knowing yourself, you areconnected with your source, making you strong.Bob would already know that alice sees either 10 or 12 trees, and exclude all other possibilities.I wouldn't live like these guys, but of course I would try to get all the things I couldn't get before, I mean you can't tell me that if you became rich you will continue to live you rlife as like before cause that's just a lie.

You should also add

You should also add

I was there during the stream and stayed up for a long time.Gambit move is amazing trick wonderful.Gosh darn, you are one impressive human being.Sorry was that "make crap fast" ?When the GM played RC7, I was like yep, he just lost to a 10 year old lmaoo.Everybody gangsta until agadmator wears the hood.Then the white ponon f3 takes and then black pon on f5 doesn't capture the pon but moves forward to f4 then f3 and start building an attack with the black bissop and the queen from that long diagonal.You're presenting a pattern of dice and then going "well actually.Any ideas for future builds you'd like to see?Instead, flip down the metal plate on the joiner and adjust its position wrt the top surface depending on the board thickness.

(not the iris pupil).

(not the iris pupil).

It also seems that one could make their own biscuits using a piece of oak flooring, milled to fit ones tool, It would be a thin "loose" tenon (as opposed to a Domino), and gain some of the hoped for strength, I notice Ishitani Furniture uses biscuits,high and low, in his thicker table glue ups.Table 17 : 7:08 chinese loses.Sadly I'm watching this on my phone in a bus and I just can't hear a word Magnus is speaking.I was very disappointed on vishy's performance, but this game proved me wrong.Now do 9 queens.

The game where he played a young Fischer is a great story where he smiled and made Fischer misplay.Me: was ready for Rose to come in.Not gonna lie, I'm a little jelly.Im surprised this hasnt been re-released as a super small version (size of a packet of cigarettes), usb, LED, bluetooth and battery powered.But of course, you aren't going purely backwards, because when you go back, its to a slightly different state than before.It's not just making a chessbox but a good tutorial on woodworking, the kind of job I really like to do.16:37 cht trng n cheo qua ng la sao a ?

Shrey Somani

4:30What if white played pawn F3?


Well he was right about nuns and priests

Are those Parkside tools good? I have used a drill from them on a construction site for a few months until it got stolen or lost.It had pieces missing from all the drops it got and the motor was probably drowning in dust but it was still going strong, so I'm wondering if I could use them for woodworking and rely on them for at least a year.

John m

Never seen amiter used like that.. awesome


Huge fan of Jerry for a while and really like this game. It's officially the first game I have memorized so if you see me on lichess avoid that bc5 move. I really like what it teaches about development and how to make a sacrifice and the plan behind it. After black takes that pawn his spends the rest of the game on his heels.

Merel van Dam

i reeeaaalllyyy want to ask u if u can make more my boyfriend is totally in love with chess and aaabbsolutly crazy about this one... idk if u do.. and what u aks ()...

aoke returns

Why did he resign?

Matthew Thomas

Get your grades up

Laboratory X

Ok but what's the world record with no clips or glitches tho?


Castro and Wallace join the chat


I want one.

Dyl4n M

It’s pernounced coco

Gabriel Axelsson

I solved all of them.C:


One thing you can do when routing the edges is use a climb cut. Go slow, have a firm grip and when you're done you can go back over the correct direction and clean up any missed or fuzzy spots. Works for me.

Mark Edwards

Yeah Hikaru, I couldn't work out why you played c5 either.It wasn't even a blunder. It was like you thought to yourself, "what would be the most complex way to win with my q side pawn domination ?"

Vipul Joshi

9:17 I'm new to chess, I've never seen that move before. Can anyone explain?

Nickola Chisholm


Richard Marcosek

Nice video, but I feel it would be important to cover the situation which arises after e4 c5 - c3 d5 - e5...what do you suggest?


From has been to has bean.Great job.

Kat Griffiths

So, I read the title as the Cheeseboard Killer’ and thought I had missed an episode. Haha


Awesome vid Moe!....Greetings from Canada...Keep em comin guys...

Cope Lipovan

Is this on live servers?

Ashok Padamwar

Rh7then kh7 we have a pawn black can't checkmate with a single bishop he will try to stop the pawn from promting later we will checkmate or draw