C# Chess Board 04 program flow

I feel like I now, somehow, know less about circles.Good on you, sir!This guy is a great teacher.

Jim did you use tack welds just to make it look riveted or just to not use full welds?Nice video, as usual, mato.Right, depicting traditional Chinese is racist.Maybe a slice of plastic from a local fizzy drink bottle.He just didnt like the diea of being defeated by a women.

Backspace usage: 0.

Backspace usage: 0.

They have a lot of how to videos.This game (opening and early structure from the white side) resembles a game or two of my Bird'sNimzo-Larsen experiments that I conducted at the Liberty Bell Open!6:13 sao khng i hu g3 chiu bt xe.How can I send you the picture.I wish I could understand any of things what this guy says.Especially after watching her in various post-game conferences where she seems pretty relaxed and cheerful.

Yshk viswananatham.Chessbrah doesn't throw away his chair this time?Suggestion Adhiban bhaskaran vs martin petrov Gibraltar masters 2020.I meant to say moe I love your videos.I can chang the future my mother.4:57 y not take bishop it's free?Is it possible to get one of these or something similar.You should start working on a filament maker that reuses old scrap plastic(s).Always the same.(I live in your area.

What would be black response?

What would be black response?

You are so talented.I think India has many good young players but I see Vladislav Artemiev becoming world champion one day.How Shooney flew out there to stand up for Phara is hilarious.Your introductions before the microjig ad are hilarious.Wow a king and queen getting forked in a game of chess :p.

Frankie Gee

Good game

Ali Mahjoori

FIROOZ YUH, not ja.

Maximilian Klamm

everytime I'm playing chess and it's not going well for me, there is a little voice inside my head "aaaand....okay.....what to do here"

vidas v

Great video !



Smells like OTR

he talks to much

Rodrigo Rojas

Beat goes hard


In Elementary School, we had an elderly music teacher named Mrs Guilford who this man could definitely pass as the male version of her. She brought in keyboards and let kids stay after school if they liked to play piano. In that sense, she gave music lessons for free. I did my best to stay behind every day after school and play these wonderful songs. She would connect music to the daily struggles we all deal with, even showing us a video of an Olympic runner who got injured during a race whose father came down to help him go the rest of the way. She’d make sure everyone was cared for and treated right. One time, we even got to perform a couple songs at a nursing home after she had proclaimed A day without music is a day wasted. She made up her own songs for class and would teach us about other cultures and their musical styles. In fact, she was so nice, one time way after school we were playing at the school’s playground and she came outside and asked my whole family if they’d like to come in and play on the keyboards she kept in her room. My dad is from Pakistan and so they talked about music from that part of the world, and incorporated music from that part of the world into the next day’s class. She represented music notes with coins, and made her own stories for each note. She will forever be my favorite music teacher I’ve ever had, and I’m so happy to have found this video.

Brian E. Conti

You seem to have a mass amount of cut off material. How and/or where are you able to get some stock

Ekta Ingle

Oil ki jagh hum butter use kr skte h Kya. If yes then how much

You are pro handling wood, metal and leather.Dame genius or what?


Yung Johnson easy lang yun

Suzal Tandukar

are you dum

Jose D. Rojas

Sounds like my first phone modem

Avi Shalom

What is there to dislike about this video

Rajendra Aryal

could you please explain why the guitar back and top boards are two pieces joined rather being a single piece

Vieux Fantome

A nice job !

Guy Roberts

I’ve worked so hard to be right around a 1700 and 2min into this video he crushes my sole by saying a 1638 is slightly better than a 1000 attempting to scholar mate.


I've watched at least 5 of these tonight.My brain is wrecked.Good night.

Alex Trevor

Like damn.... What kind of religion are those bishops following?


In 2:51 may be ding can sacrife the knight to have more 2 black pawnPawn in endgame very dangerWith 1 bishop 1 danger rook 3 relate pawn safted king vs 2 rook 1 weak pawn and weak position king so ding can make the game more easy