CATFISHING my Boyfriend to see if he cheats (you won't believe this)

Wtf was he doing with those dead bodys ?2:53 magnus loses a queen if opponent plays rook b1?He's playing with GHOST!Great cutting boards, loved the idea behind them, thanks.Why would castling be a mistake there?If someone commits horrible crimes, get sent to prison, escapes, kills or rapes or whatever their choice of evil is, everyone who put him in prison should be accountable for their crimes for not having the fucking balls to simply put a bullet in the head and decapitate their pieces of shit asses!Hello sirHow to make india china border speaker.Destroys Piano plays piano music.

I don't even play chess.

I don't even play chess.

Sorry, the grain of the wood on a butcherblock must be vertical or you will get splinters in your steaks.The message of the Cross is His Will in mercy and righteousness to endure forever and ever till the devil is saved.Andy dick in the thumbnail.Ganyn mga Ibang Tao.My wife asked me to make her some soap dishes.Knowing how to play to the bitter end with the losing side is therefor a valuable skill in blitz, where every move that prolongs mate can still mean a win on time.The cakes are really cool and they look really good.Why did he resign?

I remember i made one that looked almost exactly the same in middle school.I had high hopes when I saw that it was a sub battle.Or on a line plus or minus.Alternatif yg ke 3 itu, jika gajah putih ke E bagaimana?I FIGURED IT IUT MYSELF!What is the size of the work table?

Also using files round and flat

Also using files round and flat

Anyways, I've always had a crush on Krush.In 12:11 position, why isnt queen to g4 check an option?I think it works for 2500 below.If on 3:56 white decides to take your knight then.Nice videos mate.Using the air to hold stuff is kinda cool when you think about it.Dirk is that good in chess?Ok i checked again and yeap makes sense now sorry !You make me want to buy a scroll saw.What kind of glue gun is that?

More importantly, thank you SO much for your

More importantly, thank you SO much for your

4:49 Disaypol mode on.Suren's commentary is so nice to listen to.You may find these interesting, for sale in Ireland.Make moves like that.Computers killed chess TODAY, when the world's two best players gave up and agreed a draw because they did not trust their own game any more.Are they mixed with steel shavings or kept separate?


If Magnus had eaten the black soldier beside it instead of moving back I think he would have won.

Stanley Foxx

Thank you!


These are absolutely beautiful! Thanks for the video. I'm going to give it a try this weekend and see if I can make one for my wife's upcoming birthday. If I screw up and it doesn't turn out, I'll be purchasing one from your website. If I end up purchasing one from you, can I still tell my wife I made it? :)

Chef Mike

I fold toilet paper all the time like that lol. Guess where it goes, that's right Uranus.


cute moment

Riley Horton

Didn't expect that gmm shoutout. I love that my two favorite channels know each other.

ajay kumar

He would be "call the manager" women if he was a girl.


Oh my

Joseph Bowen

This opening is one I have been a little interested in but never played it.You definitely inspired me to try it, but I haven't found a game to get it set up in yet!Keep up the great work Eric!


All I can say is WOW!


All end grain. Gluing , good luck with that

michael knowlden

That was cheating! Lol. But I like it. Lol

Bryan Bryan

Idk about folding paper, but rolling paper gets me pretty close to the moon.

Soli DMC

The top players predicts the future of chess

Hartanto Wijaya

Maybe Tal dont Win the game by playing perfectly like the others GM. But he play with make his opponent think they would Win. The one and only Misha Tal

Henry Adams

Play with friendswell I don’t have any friends

Kyaw Zay Ya

I thought it will be a lot bigger coz i saw in a movie acted by Doctor Strange actor

Pedro Peres

well played Jerry!!!

SittingMoose Shaman

... I made a fresh-ground cuppa joe just to enjoy while I watch this video- work done well. Kudos!

real gamer zone in Telugu


ata gergis

how taught me how to play chess is my dad he defeated me too many time when I was a Yong boy but know I win 10-1

Satish Reddy

Brilliant.. thanks a lot!


What is ip?