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Over the centuries the keyhole has gotten bigger and really lost the definition of it's shape.Great game, but just for reference, you're pronouncing Alekhine wrong :-) You can hear the correct pronounciation in the first few seconds of this video.How did she move the rook like that?Thanks a lot for the upload!Why shouldn't the king take the rook at17:21?

If anyone asked me who the guitar tech

If anyone asked me who the guitar tech

I just want to say one thing, before I die of the Coronavirus, and that is that I'm totally in LOVE with John Oliver!The nature of it being quite a bit larger probably doomed it from the start as the Compact Cassette was king and every company had a range that usually included a really decent deck for the even the audiophile.Lost me as soon as you added that stupid music!I'm only here for the fishing.You should make like chess opening ex:modern defense or ruy lopez we would like it also you will get more sub for sure who agree here.

"The answer is you Zach".

"The answer is you Zach".

While maybe not specifically the realm of woodworking, pan heads are excellent for screw mounting things with the built in slots compared to flats and machine screws trivialise mounting things when used with t-nuts in a lot of use cases and are excellent for impromptu DIY clamps.Many people say that Tal and Fischer were not the greatest players because theories were not so developed in those times.It is so nice but if we not put cream it's OK we will put chocolate on it.Me: Lose pawn and think the game is overMagnus: Loses queen on purpose "just for fun".This was an excellent video, thank you for an amazing episode!

If any of u dont know how to do this.Thank You for your authoritative explanation.People like this should be killed.Mate, what a video.I think i've found where Terry Pratchett got his inspiration for his game Thud from.How do you remember all the chess moves from some random game you played in abar?I've got the exact same dovetail saw so with enough practice hopefully I can get anywhere near as gorgeous results!Jb kadhai me cake bake karoge to steam banta h, lid esa clean nhi hota h.45:52 mate in 1: Qe7.I would love to open a club like that in my city.

belto rafael

Muito bonito!

Eugene Felicilda

hey antonio i think a game of Yuri Lvovich Averbakh would be nice, i love your videos :D

Tinh Dinh Thien

More than 2 but less than 4 :)))))


hearing this brings me an oddly comforting feeling.

Anton Nym

How unfortunate the knight isn't on a horse.

Ashutosh Shukla

Thank bro nice trick


Me 2 pawns down: ResignsAydin 2 pawns down: Wins with a brilliancy.


Does anyone know any cheaper versions of the jig

VITA kyo

Check ( funeral march) MATE ...

Arjun Manjunathan

58:00 to 59:00 Mammookka.... Romanjhification....

Tool Jockey

I weigh as much as Michael Stevens


Stop cutting trees

Milen Koshy

Ettavum kooduthl knda film



41:48 Nor lady

sherwood smallidge

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The troll at the end was epic! lol