Catch The Star 2

Great piece of art.I will proceed with confidence now that I have seen this.Btw - i love your video adam.Nakamura out here vibing while just crushing people.Be2 is a very nice idea!I don't search the internet.

It became a scientific Gallagher show.What piece at 12:53?Exquisite design with masterful execution of detail.Ea cinimayile bgm Hollywood film supermante bgm copiyalle.Murphy didn't hate chess after 1859.And the epoxy surface is smoother to do.Actual game starts after 1:40 of yappin.Bring Rose back, No fancy onions from frank I thought he would have done fried cipollini-onions with edible gold and balsamic glaze.In 3 sec of reflexion, of course it's pretty hard to find the best moves but that one was hugh.The video is super cool.

If it had been invented in

If it had been invented in

Thanks for this Video and for this briliant Project.I think that would be interesting as this one.Excellent performance, bravo, bravo, bravo !Unfortunately, it became a standard of measure, even though well educated scientists knew it was not absolute or exacting.I always sac my king.The elite of white race, against an average asian.Masterful work but that generic interesting and exciting free music is driving me fkn crazy.It was a bad look for battle rap and defeated the entire purpose.Probably just my bad memory, lol).I plan to upgrade from my laptop to a pc but juuuussstttt not yet.

Semangat bang narro.I hope you're doing well and that, if possible, we get to see more from you soon.I thought you'd just cut an open ended thread, then made a nut from a piece of the stock with an internal thread to match, then used Tig on end and refaced the end.This is a terrible failure on the part of the producers.A decision I just made because it makes sense.Don't be jealous and envious, celebrate with us and your time will come.Hey I play at that Cantonese place.Been watching you non stop.I'm a long-time Makita customer.

Vex Ex

I just completed this and I would like to thank you, I had a blast! I'll be looking through your other tutorials. =D

claudy FOLAOU

... donne moi tes mains


Hi Anna. Thanks for this new series. I'm looking forward to it. I rly loved your previous alpha zero videos.

Adam Moore

What a time to be alive! To be able to watch the World Champion play chess and explain his thought process LIVE while doing so, really is a treat, and a tremendous privilege to watch

Phillip Daniel

Germans Screw around..... That don't screw off!!!!!! Love the show..... Even tho your from NYC......

Thiago Milanezi

Puzzle:Qh5, Kd8Ba5!

Ben Gregor

One of the sharpest Q sacs I can remember

Lucas Yago

after the video I felt proud for being brazillian for the first time in my life.


Roses are red, violets are blue, YouTube suggested are given with no clue

Detail Enthusiast

What is this madness? Sudoku is much easier!


Thank God I god mine built shortly before this got started

Malcolm Luff

With the advent of clutches on most tools, camming out should become a thing of the past.


Where can i get a black cutting mat like that one?


Tengo parcial, recen por m.

Dante The Great

My God I must fucking old..I could play this game off-head 30 years ago. You could have woken me up any time...


What temp is the stove on

Thank you for the good video.It is great adility

Umbreonic 13

So what is the object that gives the least dense packing at maximal density? The cube should be the most dense as it should always back together and then can be cut into the unit needed. So another way to phrase the question is what is the least packed object at maximal density?


Daaammnn... I glad he not our God....


no hay pregunta

Lng c Tm

Tai Lim bay t My v cha quen mui gi nn my trn anh nhiu li qua.

Overdone time change

1:52 the best thing about rooks THATS THE ONLY THING ABOUT ROOKS

Mattias Sollerman

amazing event. great production values. super commentators. awesome chess. beauty, mind, elegance all into one for over 4 hours of pure extatic enjoyment. thanks a lot.

Pemmaraju Sadhana

1.Rb6 ab6 2.a7 and pawn is promoting into a queen 1. ... Kd7 2.Rc6 Nd4 3.Rc7 and the pawn is gone.


13:53 he could've just moved the pawn to b3 to protect the c4 square lol.. he didn't have to sacrifice his bishop


really enjoying the recent videos

Mr Haro

Lali papa megmutatta hogyan kell sakkozni bazmeg!!!!!!

Sandhya Jain

What kind of a pan is this in which u made this cake ? Is it any ordinary pan with a lid ?Can v make it in a cooker ?If it's made in cooker do v need to add salt at d bottom ? When v make cake in a cooker shud v fix in d ring ? Thnks. Kindly reply. Thnks once again. Ur receipies are lovely. What's the quantity of butter milk ?Thanks.

Fbio Palma

I think the second guy was really really great

Oliver Crook

3rd lol