Jerry do you think you have ever played the exact same game with two different opponents?Likely requiring g some tubes and it had a mic with a number of pins on the connector that was deteriorated.Sir Ye match wakai behatrin tha Mjaaa gya hai.This should be taught in schools from a young age.VERY interesting!The Qbert chess board.Crapple have ALWAYS found ways to make life difficult just to scrape that extra out of its customers.But by the way yuur chess is very good.

How to make chat box?Could you guys also start a separate channel for science?And I really loved this video.It's a stalemate,  do the dance.This is the reason of 11 games draw carlson tried so much to put caruana to this kind of positions and caruana never fall for it.Are you from Maharashtra?Close your eyes and listen first4:46LMFAO.Dileep vere level.Both sides of it.For all the nerds out there we know this is LogN time complexity.

This is so interesting.

This is so interesting.

Very good acters.Kh nh nhng rt hay.As requested around the 6hr52m mark, I'm checking in to let you know I'm watching and enjoying this video.Too bad he went all crazy!You will add some layers that will even out the whole thing later anyways, right?

This series is nothing

This series is nothing

Cataracts for days!That filament dryer is bullcrap:Their intended usage is to remove the filament spool from the drybox, and be able to print for many hours without issue.I learn so much but man his voice rubs me the wrong way.It makes yours stand out and in a really good way.Beautyful song !This is why prostitutes are targeted.Please show digital board in the background.The project was all well and good, but the real Storyline, what kept me on the edge of my seat, is you would ever get that slo-motion Kobe Shot in the trash bin, 1010.When I go to SHARE and friends.

I can not afford a beauty like this so I better relax and enjoy the video one more time.Alekhine had a game back in 1915 as white where 5 Queens wound up on the board at the same time (3w:2b).It varies from man to man and so people are termed as theists and atheists.QC6 move was probably to defend the night from being attacked by the bishop.00 phone and a free drum app that its costed you thousands of dollars and countless hours.

He doesnt do a single brave or courageous thing!InnerHeight 3canvasBars.Also ask Omar if there is screech owls in the area.Edit: Oh, I see.You are have very talent.2:00 she mad lolol.

Without the King

Without the King

Because as you mentioned in one the examples his fianchettoed bishop looked passive as it stared at it's centre pawn.Who da fuck is talking?12:02, can someone please explain.I have a Clausing 100 and i am wondering if they will interchange or if i could modify some other gears to work on mine.Have to say, much prefer Simon.Paano din kaya kung ako na ay mawawala.And why would a 22xx player not even make an attempt for FIDE Master?I want to learn how to do this.Los asiticos no dominan el mundo porque no quieren xd.

Nerdy Gamer

life, uh, finds a way.

Cabby Cabby

It boggles my mind that factories can’t produce a perfectly flat piece of metal or sharpen something properly...

Ahammed Vp

full illallo . chengayi

Andress Style

Lol, Magnus looks so bored af

Adriana Cortez

If Fischer were 29 now and had a chance to studymodern theory he would be world champion now.Bobby Fischer's chess genius and ability would have no match!

j g

"I never cared for audience" while camera keeps dropping lool obviously mister carlsen trololol

Minnesota Nice

I don't want Eugene to adopt Kimbop, I want Kimbop to adopt me!!! (I'm almost thirteen!!!)


why didn't the US want to hand him over to Zimbabwe? the US prisons are crowded enough

Chad Holland

oh man, that little ball of death walking around on the door while he was working! gotta start over...

vikash ramola

Beeg blonder...

Christopher Lukanga

Best move for white is to eat the rook


I don't fully understand gear math, anyone have video recommendation?

Silver bearded Irish

Can’t imagine the price. Wish I could have heard it played.


Fell into this trap online a while ago. I’m rated roughly 2000 so when I saw Carlini fall for it too, made me feel better

Leifur wilberg orrason

thanks for this, but how to do grid without any frames around?

Go fly a kite

Why did Tolkien never write another trilogy in middle earth?