Caro Kann, Panov - Botvinik Attack: Kamsky vs Karpov - Elista 1996

Jamie’s nose, 6:00.Don't get me wrong, it's nothing against her, but Susan Polgar seems very tense and uncomfortable in these videos.That's a lot of time you spent.

Bonjour,sir can you make tutorial,how to read califer and micrometer in imperial measurement.DGT PI isone of,if not the best chess computer to come along in a long time.You can make a drop shape and it's a 1 sided dice.

Hi I am divya your vedio

Hi I am divya your vedio

I couldn't tell my the thumbnail.There something like 15.Wow, I saw the queen sacrifice.So everyone is a pro in the coment section u:.Thanks for your clear description.I do connecting rods at work, with quite tight tolerances.I enjoy watching your videos.Is there a reason why McConville01 didn't take the hanging c2 pawn at 47:17?I like how Ben basically said his son is better at everything on his channel except chess.When you can interview the top chess player in the world and you keep interrupting him.

Yang masih kecil tapi gg main catur like kalou gua baru belajar tapi agak hebat sih kalo pakai benteng bisa makan 3 kali.BUT ITS FREAKING THERE.The old guy with black sunglasses was so serious.I just found your videos and love them!Chess with Suren.What a great and extraordinarily agreeableman!My Brother died in kidney failure.

Idhi naku konchem

Idhi naku konchem

Zach’s condom hat tho.1:50:44 Still with you!Vikraman illanco.Yeah but Biden has a plan that can actually be implemented right away, not dragged out for years in Congress.OMG that is a fine piece of work, beautiful.Don't trash the table.I love how in the last game I saw alphazero sacrificed a piece and stockfish couldn't move (Qa8 game) but when stockfish sacrifices a pawn, it doesn't get any piece activity for it.You didn't use your mug.The same thing happens without heat, it just takes longer.

It was superb you teach my aka.Muy buenos videos.It's fascinating that, at a basic level, this works similar to how those DVD games worked that were all the rage in the 00s.Eric, the way you commentated and anticipated most of Magnus' play still makes me believe you have what it takes to win this tourny.That was awesome, thanks!I too considered dados then settled on dominos.

Height) add (float) as the basic division returns an int by default.I write to you on facebook.The way you say console sounds like council.Retard hackers:"Uhhhh durrrr, I wanna do things I'm not supposed to do but uhhh durrrr I sure hate dem bad bad pirates!I have a phd, and I'm very good at procastinating.They might have more luck.It shows not that that Magnus is human, dude.

Could you recommend any good videos that examine opening theory?A random little kid (1:23) with a gun pointed to his own head?Awesome job,reminds me of Bob Ross painting.Peace to us all!Magnus cant be the best forever.You pause and you can take ur time to understand.Where’s the stop motion scene where the boxes talk to each other or sing a song?

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While maybe not specifically the realm of woodworking, pan heads are excellent for screw mounting things with the built in slots compared to flats and machine screws trivialise mounting things when used with t-nuts in a lot of use cases and are excellent for impromptu DIY clamps. Sheet metal screws really only have a use attaching sheet to wood these days though (think 1930s wooden airframes), metal to metal interfacing is usually better done with machine screws, rivets, or welding. This is just my opined look on it however, grain of salt applies.


As a maker of violins I am happy to say that you have made the first steps of a violin top (Sprung joint, hide glue). :)


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Thank you. There are so many good isle of man games and nobody's been covering them in YouTube videos yet! Would be up for some more from this or previous rounds as well!


Yes fair point, but that's why the computer didn't do that with the King, it went onto f8. You got me wondering for a second there...


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