Caro-Kann Defence: Advance variation: Brief commentary #26 - Lagrave vs Liren - 2013

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Could anyone tell

Could anyone tell

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Thumbnail of this video looked liked The Dark Knight Joker laughing at Batman during the interrogation scene.

Stephan Schmidt

$1000? No thanks.

sube kennedy

You maybe hated on tictok, but your still my fave try guy, Keith

Neil Cutten

Neil, when you are forging, don't choke the hammer. Use the entire handle.


Love it! Thanks for sharing:)

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the king and queen were pinned so if the queen got moved black would be in check and that would be an illegal move since you cant voluntarily put yourself in check

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Kasparov also feared Kramnik: he predicted it would be Kramnik who took his title, which IMO became a self-fulfilling prophecy.


is he drinking a RedBull?

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I love a woman who wears sneakers sometimes, that shit is sexy... it all matters for the occasion


She is awesome

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super trick thanks

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Magandang balak bagay sayo