You don't have to be top tier to be a good analyst btw.Love your vid style, quick clear!Did he used just one layer of black paint and chrome paint?Blessings from Mexico.Wait, why no elytra?Terrible English.(With the first (6) pawns played in the wrong!Just checked and the $179.

A fitting end for this video.Create a jig specifically for that angle I am assuming?Hey, I could do that.Charlie clips is LEGEND.I wonder what would be the result if you would build a guitar.I think the young chap talks too loud and I think it spoil it.3amchallenge thefam.1:46:47 what if white play b5?I have read and watched lessons by Silman, Seirawan,Pandolfini and others but their lessons have "gone over my head"-not their fault, but mine, I'm sure.

Your old tool

Your old tool

Fischer annotations short but it is a miniature after all:.This really deserves it!How much would you charge for one of these, say to some one local.Pretty nice piece of work.Guess who,(Game cards do not actually talk)Me:Wha- but- wa- NOOO.The symmetric spirally pattern shown first in the video was NOT a part of that solution set.Mr Finegold youre lying when you say that Kasparov lost 5 games against Karpov drew 24 and didnt win any.

So I think we have to accept that blacks position is not bad but probably not quite equal.Dobio si subscribera :)Evo, neki dan sam si kupio epoxy da i sam krenem u ovaj biznis, ali jo sam daleko od silnog alata.Could i use their catalog on my site.As a result, i think the confidence is one of the key characteristics of GMs which most of the amateur players doesn't have.It's hard to believe Magnus Carlsen would just blunder a piece in such an obvious manner unless it was extreme time pressure which it wasn't.Blessings and Shalom.Some kind of scraper?I did Mechanical Engineering.Look forward to finally reaching my potential.Followed by ng5.

Shop keeper is out 1,200.

Shop keeper is out 1,200.

Caruana played a fourth move in case Carlsen blundered trying to push for advantage.You can easily get out of stalemate by just moving the white king down a square.You dont even use node ughhghghghg.May be u should buy a cutter one day.Keith:yesEugene:for any sexual reasons(also gives him a smexy look)Keith:.Maybe Soap Stone.2 random searches over the past 3 months and you helped me out twice lol.Tose cutting shenanigans.This is everything, I’m over here bout to cry.Yep about 20 years ago back there $20 would feed you for two weeks.

Gisnelly Morel


Dave Cooper

Magnus is starting to look like Bobby Fischer. But he's not suposed to go mad for a few years yet?

Ray Gordon Teaches Chess

I guess this is how Carlsen beats players like him.

bnyahs algondi

- thanx alot

Samuel RF

Didn't they make an anime off that guy?

Sir Ecthelion

That game was pretty Hilrios.I'll see myself out.

Danang rianca

Ur baike is trashe hahaa

Atle Kristiansen

8:39 - That's right, you can't Castle when your King is in Check. But wouldn't it be better to use an example where the Checking Bishop did NOT also threaten the square in which the King would end up after castling? In this case, if Castling were a legal move to get out of Check, you wouldn't be able to do it anyway since C8 is threatened by the same Bishop...

Lol Flo

2:18 why has white won when the black pawn can take over the knight?



Paul LaTerra

Nice build! I saw that you used Rubio Monocoat (at least that’s what it Looked like). Would you recommend that for surfaces that get more abuse ie a kitchen table?

Abhishek Vishwakarma

suggestion laskar windmill match belive me it's realy intreasting