It helps me a lot.To get people thinking, yes?Thank you very much.What a ton of work for that.Where can i get it?

I have a plethora of

I have a plethora of

Make it in java script now.You are so strong.Much more funny and interesting are Fischer's games.Gentleman nice word agadmator like it.If stainless is a art, what does that make inco 718?I see a lot of expert commenters here.910 u can see by the bottom of the door something moving bk n forth.Zach called with a 10 high lmao.Hard work pays off.

Too many idiots like "Atrophied.Its crazy how certain people become the very thing we associate with their culture.Could not be more disappointed in my fellow gamers, like dudes, DUDES, all y'all should be giving Lola all your money and you KNOW it.I see we have not learned what DIY means?Watch my video if you want to see Napoleon's game.

Black rook was safe.

Black rook was safe.

Not even a picture of the final product?That must be frustrating.Hard to see what's happening from only one perspective.Y make the obvious move.Moe: NATLY MEH BOIDanny:SHE A GILL.But for destiny players, it’s a 100%.Excelente my friend.



It's crazy he still has that same guitar after all these years.Not happy with anything they have, or anything they will get.I didn't quite follow or understand how the game should evolve from there or if you can point me in the direction of any reading around it, would be much appreciated.Pinche morro indu,es buensimo,le saca tablashasta a el campen mundial.The difference of 115 and 123 (of the denominators) is 8.WHat grit sandpaper did you start with to remove the epoxy without removing any (or too much) wood from the table top?And an interesting take on the tycoon series.

Yoo brah love the beat it's

Yoo brah love the beat it's

Oh, you need to reach out to Niko with Corridor Crew, I already left him a comment to check you out.Of course, it's the greatest queen sacrifice in the history of the game.Your the man, Jerry!A whole heck of a lot of commentary :).The simple saying that I was taught to remember how they go is"White on right, queen on color".Hello jimmy,do u have instagram?All that wood for that ?Gede tolol main gk mau mikir dulu gmna mau menang wkwkwkwk.Brilliant just Brilliant.If you didn't close the laptop the ricochet was coming for it.

You should consider using a pickle pot.

You should consider using a pickle pot.

Never bet at chess again.Keep doing what you're doing Jerry.The heat needed to spread evenly, it would have been better to get the reaction under a grill and get the turkey taking the heat from down under like an extreme barbecue, pretty sure that would have been a real success, even if still a giant mess.Did you also have to study the books.Any substitute of cream cheese.This was the worst star Trek TNG movies other than Nemesis.I watch again nd again tal's game.

Mayank Sharma

Mikhail tal vs heikki westerinem. Please

Filip Barac

why Carlsen didnt play bishop to g5 in 10:20 and trap the queen? What am I missing?

Mari Greer

looks EXACTLY like Steven g. Dubin esquire. this shady lawyer who was forced to resign from pa bar association for all kinds of black market baby trading. I'm just sayin ... he looks EXACTLY like him EXAAAAACTLY an he in PA, worked out of philly


Great video. Very well done.

Skeleton Warrior

I loved this game so much and I'm only 15Idk why but i used to play this so much when i was 7 or something

james pennington

Been on water my whole life as a Bering Sea fisherman! This guy has a talent for the real!

Mayukh Talukdar

Wow!!!this is awesome!!

Cellular Integrity.

I cant...Anwar

Blaze Rhodon

I checked this position with freeware chess engine called "Arena". Indeed this program although is good (it can solve complicated studies and problems) it could not find this move on its own. But indeed these moves 30. Ba3 and 31. Nh3 are ingenius, and even after this moves chess engine found the way to win this game (I let this program analize the position).

youtude y


Johnnier Caicedo

14:55 anyone know the original lecture?

God Speed

let the actual game play on one chess board and on other u do ur prediction moves ... its better that cause we'll watch the game and for doubts we could see ur prediction board.


Bloody marvelous indeed! 

GD Fuzion

When the cancer has infected a human but the cancer itself has a cancer."Ive won, but at what cost"


Hammer adjustment is just so cool honestly

hemant raikwar

Hello sir ap jo game analysis krte ho uski ap png dal diya kijiye

Truong Nguyen

"so e to the power of pi i just 27?" - says every engineer lol

Simba's Groer Bruder

I'm 17 and never heard of this dropping thing. Now I'm a Boomer too

Ruan Ramon


Salt .

Why do things goes down?Normal person: GravityMichael: Time travel

Mr. E's Mysteries Magicks

"Play a move and hope it's the best."Wow!I've been a grandmaster all along!

Gary Lake

Bareev could see that he was in a losing position, (after all, this was Karpov pushing for a simplified end game), so he clearly resigned in the most novel of ways, 10/10 for style.