Carlsen vs Anand | The Clash of two World Champions | Lindores Abbey Chess 2019

When some random SilverBoi crushes TheViper.$750 is a good price!Again its beautiful"--that language spoke right to me!1 states that "the position immediately before the irregularity shall be reinstated" but does this mean the position before moving the king (where the king is on d3) or after moving it the initially (king on d4)?I've seen some pretty cool looking fire effects for models using cotton balls.XD I have heard you using the phrase several times.I'm 26 and this kids class is hilariously good.

I may be slightly biased, though, I'm a huge fan of Tim Roth.Dahil gumanda ang Buhay mo, at nakapag Aral kapa.Whwn for long games (100 15, etc)?William Davies Evans is his name.Funniest scenario would be if Tulsi comes out on top of Warren in her own state that’s when you know her people want anyone else but Warren hahahaha.He seriously behaves like kids.Then maybe, just maybe, your position will be playableLmao.

Great, great steel.

Great, great steel.

Because that is to cool.What about this: loga(b) xIf a and b are algebraic,is x also algebraic?Ty kurwa nidojebie pierdolony co ty odpierdasz ja na zamulce szukam gry do pogrania a ty mi wpierdalasz na 1 miejsce jebanego golfa z majnkraft?A beautiful restoration as always, lucky you finding it on the side of the road!Anand is so fast at this endgame.In Kasparovs laptop?He missed chances to sacrife rook for bishop and pawn.Then you'd only need a quarter of the circle.Pls make some more videos on paul morphy and Rashid nazmatdinov.

NO RISK IT NO BISCUIT.Not a single doubt: THIS IS A MASTERPIECE!His appearance brings fear to opponents.You guys are the best.Why didn't Grischuk defend his horse at 2:16?It is so lovely when Yasser asks a question and that guy not knowing the answer but feeling the urge to say something interrupts with a totally different idea.Mato, thanks so much for all the brilliant games you post, and for your great commentaries.Subscribe to me and I will name.Pag ko nakita yung anton mapapatay ko yan.Com to reverse engineer.

You're a great teacher!

You're a great teacher!

40:19 Magnus is a savage monster lol.Esses carajoga muito.Love this tutorial!Shotime SP is too funny.Sorry for my bad english.)I know, in games like these it's not important, since both players don't care.Ufj(fk glfj(ff:) hdj$dhFfj$ffjdj f$dj$d,)!I can't even think what to make for dinner."Hurry up, Martha!He seriously behaves like kids.

Alastair Woolley

These instructional videos are excellent! Thank you John.


I just got into college doing furniture and cabinet craft and been looking into doing some woodworking over the summer until I'm going to college. This series is presented amazingly just like how my teacher and the workshop technician taught me in secondary school. Look forward to watching the rest of this 10/10

T Bow

I think I need to upgrade my table now, great project!


Nxc3 is check!

tylar i

No destruction couple minutes later hand wall demolished

Dalton Stephan

Dude Decent at least Dude Perfect is PERFECT and can not mock people


Ever heard of sous vide? Heat transfer? :P


Wait, is that CodeBlocks?

Asriel cutie

I have a teacher named mr. Malloy


I hate javascript but this guy makes it seem so fun

Halkord Ahmed

Back to the GOOD STUFF

Devera Ravi


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Did you just quote Snatch? Lol great movie. I found every move but even figuring out the move it doesn’t takeaway from its brilliance.


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Nice explanation


You shouldn’t have that truck in California. You should sell it to me.

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Who else came back here after watching them try the test again?

Nabin Poudel

0:30 to 0:45I thought I was the only person in the world who drew such figures and reflected themBut here comes this guy


There arent 10 good t-cells in that whole room

Thank you for the good video

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Been searchn for years for the song playing at 33:38 without success!!!

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I sure wish I had learned about the dance before the chisel severed my femoral artery.

no use for a name

Hey BO!

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Its weird ... every time I switch computer its actually like put in screensaver mode :D :D :D

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Really good I was speechless of your videos

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Game starts at 1:48


Someone please explain to me how the match ended I don’t understand blitz chess