Carlsen Demonstrates How to Play Against The Centre Game

I would have left Calserm continue and show him that i’m not scared.I have watched another one of your videos on the Centaur review.What im worried about is what Nigel is up to, the quiet kid the one who does the most damage.Hmm i should go on a hike but i need to make a back pack first.I still don’t get why india is marked red.I've watched a lot of chess board building videos here in the tube, and in most of them they always end up using big, expensive machines that the average joe will never have access to, so it's quite refreshing and encouraging to see you doing the same job with just a table saw and a sander, and getting the same end result, if not even better.Excellent play also excellent explanation.Automated movements and extream finishes that still require work and or modifications.

(Unsure face)' I actually laughed.Foul move with the pawn.So what does Yahuwah Ruwach have to do with this?

It's ok if you play

It's ok if you play

Ummm positive suggestions ?12:31 sao trng ko i m c4.Top quality vid for new coders.What would you recommend?Hi, can I use part of your video to my compilation of the most interesting woodworking projects ?Tolong bikin cara skakmate dengan gajah dan kuda dong.Geniuses have high IQ, savants can parallel think with their unconscious.

Stop tryna save that boy.

Stop tryna save that boy.

LOL He is the world leading authority on this variation.It's confusing and non-informative.Me and my brother put this on while playing wizards chess XD.Started the video, watched until 3:10, then jumped forward to 11:11.Just a quick question,why dont you use lubes?Nice defense of the word prophylaxis.As you were clicking the components into place, I pictured a kid building their own My First PC kit.Some strong female players have the title IM and other have the title WGM.The elephant traps you or you trap an elephant?That man in the left He reminds me of gru.

Why you did that?

Why you did that?

Hikaru at 10:21 you have rook C to C1.This game felt like torture, can't imagine how it would feel over 7 hours.Worst commentating i have heard in quite some time.This Old TonyIt's me again.God bless everyone at the end we believe in the same creator.I was thinking about swift on the first double battle.UCOLE9sefMl1AaytbND6M7Q Please use Metric system.I made your 1k subscribersbecauseit was 999 subscriber.I'm guessing your.The subscribers will come!

Put a hoodie on the dog.Bee trueso that way if it picks a spot with a bee, it just gets another 2 random numbers and checks again, and you dont have to loop the array again.Amazing man I am from switzlerland.Im 3 minuites in, I can tell that nut's a gonner.Does vinyl printing is gone erase after using some day.Add(7)You can access elements using normal methods for arrays, i.I have made many small metal and woodworking projects, but I never, ever could have come up with such a complicated little device.Is his coverage available somewhere?Amazing I want this :).Kinda looks like pallet wood.

Nolan Johnston

When I analyzed the position shown at 11:57 with SF9, it shows that if white pushes c6 (as Ivanchuk guessed) white can force a draw.

Hugh Norris

great stuff

shawn Gustason

Hey Steve! I'm building a crib for my coming daughter in December! Is there any way I can contact you to show you my plans and get some tips?Thanks!-Shawn

Kilimanjarno Arnsson

There are definitely people over 60 watching this channel. I am evidence.

marshann louie

Best interview all year , past decade, forever!!! Shout p and Rome definitely black excellence.


Actually I haven't watched it all yet. But I will keep your remark about Kamsky's mistakes in mind while viewing.

MrDidrxnSr X

Says 16 riddles goes to 19.???

Michael Stevens

rarely does magnus set up his board before the clocks start.pretty classy from hikaru to make sure he's ready.

Troy Campbell

That’s cool as hell. Playing with a coin. Definitely improvising, even with his guitar lol he and his dad built that guitar out of pieces from his home. The dude is a genius. I also believe he has a masters in astronomy as well. Crazy

matt hough

Umm... did i do something wrong? i tried the overhang print in vase mode with 0.2mm layer heights and a 0.4 mm nozzle (my regular one) and it completed the in all of it, including the one on thin air. I did print it at 60% scale as i'm running out of filament but this is the only difference between what i and Maker'sMuse did.

John Stuart

Excellent tutorial.You are a great teacher!!

Nickolas Tzimourtos

The memes are hot spot and funny!! Keep them. Would welcome more.

Lenard Anonuevo

Matt, you have been an inspiration to me. I've made my own and I've also tought my younger brother how it works by replacing inputs with switches and outputs with ligths.

Luke Martens

Anytime you get scared the spirit and demons will feed of from you the more you get scared the stronger they get

Tricks Home for Everyone THE

Nice video make concept easy

Henry Rappleye

I found this helpful grandmaster. Thank you!


AgadmatorI love your work and am a huge fanYou are an excellent teacher of chess

N cM did one come up with this claim?

Kekoa Anderson

I bought the snowball today and saw if it was the same so when they squeeze it I do and I heard the fresh crunch of snow


It really is. Its fucking pathetic that americans have to pay to be testet for a global Pandemic.