Candidates 2016: Caruana vs Anand

I love watching you make cake.Newbie here, question: why at 20:39 does he not take Knight on c6 with his queen?I love the music at the end.04:27 Another episode of Jimin hurting himself.10:49 xe trng sang a1 cung c ma.Further, the strategy of value to client is important for pricing of logo but it is critical to note that unless the product is good, the logo is useless.You can make anything washrooms rooms malls library's anything.What a wonderful gift for a son.

It seems like it would be slightly disadvantageous but preferable.Nice, fun to watch.Sao Quang Lim ko ly xe xung e1 pht 18 :00Xe hoc hu n sang th b tt n hu en xung n xong ht c.I think I found my calling.

  And YES, I would make it!I love this video.This is the same dude that said that there is no way that Kawhi Leonard would be a clipper his opinion does not matter what so ever smdh.Best venue for chess tournamentis Italy: tranquil, romantic, scenic and artistic with amazing historic buildings created by gods for chess.These aren't to our practical to use these days.This was so satisfying to watch.You have one of the best chess channels out there.

Maybe you dont like it, but how

Maybe you dont like it, but how

What is it that you are sorry about?Just make it white?"That was when the first 12 AlphaZero games were released.Bishop can't defend this square.After Getting motivated by this vedio i burned my arduino.The back sound is little anonyingI think.Now all those cookie cutter houses can live up to their name!You could pick the players up anywhere.It's a shame some1 with an IQ that high can be that dumb!

Will you marry me?

Will you marry me?

Bens got some nice titties i wanna squeeze em!Distributed evenly and randomly are two very different words as if They are distributed randomly the your method will only work occasionally not always.Mind blown thank you !1 analysis: Even if Carlsen had made second move game would have ended in a draw.Why don’t they just go hunt Flat earthers and Anti vac.Watch from 15:55That’s a buzzer beating end game WTF!I like Anastasiya, but she obviously likes Grischuk.You aren't even mentioning the reason why you were this succesful.Ur teaching a grandmaster now.

BTW thanks for showing me the tables in Prospect Park.Thanks for the Video, I immensely enjoy your chess commentary!3:37 th vua ln e3 th sao ?So you must always be aware of your surroundings.That does look awesome, my only worry would be the structural rigidity.Ly tng git nga hu chiu ly hu th mnh.Me:When I see kill.

Was better than Cats.

Was better than Cats.

0 dislikes, only in a Jerry's video."if he was going to the spacetation anyways, why did he need Picards permission", TO BEAM DOWN THERE, DUH.At 16:38, rook b to a6 was trapping Qween, do you think back would be better with a rook and Qween against two rooks and a bishop.And if black captures bishop with rook then queen captures rook and white won its piece back.If opponent counters with Qg3, Qg6 to take knight, then RG8 to regain control of G file, Rg2, Qh2 checkmate.

Wade Dorrell

Beautiful. And yeah, a little scary.

Kati Aaarrgh

Lol, "There we go disassembled!Forever."

Mark Bernie Hilaga

What about most used heroes on November?

rosa pullan

1:18 pun city

Ri 2418

As an Asian I've actually had most of these items as delicacies

XO Vandallheim

Why not install a contraption on the 3d printer that just melts the filament (pellets) into the machine and it's just pumped right out of the nozzle. Some sort of tank you dump the pellets in, heats them up, and pumps it through the nozzle with a regulated perfect temperature to have a consistent diameter exiting the machine? Just spitballing here :) Or have a retention wheel that keeps a consistent turning speed to wrap the filament around from this contraption in the video.

Dalton Willis

I don't normally disliked videos but you are a lack of use of gripping gloves made me

Devan Graham

Geechi 30! Clear! West coast!


First Negative comment. Fuck yeah

Kaushik Iyer

The 12th drawn game really has had an effect! No "Hello Everyone"!!!



the rainbow gamer 496


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The old history channel!!! FACT!


Screws are an abomination. The final product looked good tho

Daniel uteu

58:40 very crafty tactic


You just earned another subsciber! - Awesome video man!