Looks like he donated a little finger to the god of inattention!Go for the plaid.Cut open a trumpet or some instrument.Wow that's a lot of washers 3072.Ronnie was sandbagging this frame.Naka choked yet again on the eve of his greatest victory.

Sacha Baron Cohen should interview him as Bruno.Mga jawa na taga dewey ge pangita dakan makapasar p.I am really grateful to you guys for the effort to create and share such terrific tutorials, especially to Darren.Infinity is a thing because there's always a bigger number.Chess is becoming very boring since all the players are memorizing computer moves."B ngh v khng c i th".She has no soul.

I think someone input the letters L H in the category column of the POCKET TOOL TABLE.Black Queen can move E4 your trick not usefull.A woman ahead of her time!I have a calculator.My friend, you keep on deserving being on my favorite channels list over and over.Got a name for your homemade dye series- 'D.

And i tought 6 hours was fast.KC help me out here, instead of Ne8 I would have gone for Ne6.She made it really easy to understand for me (who's never played).There was a Carlsen game that was also called "game of the century" against karpov I think it was.Thank you so much.Develop your sense of humour before you develop your pieces.

Looks great and so does the cutting board.A pentagram only needs two colors for the empty space.I thought it was going too be too shiny with the epoxy but it turned out beautiful.Way too expensive for what it does.This is what you fail to realize.I just want my cake to look as beautiful as yours.Thanks for all the tips!

All the said, I love the way it turned out.This changes everything and black may very well loose, but white certainly isn’t going down in 4.IS ANYONE ELSE PISSED OFF AT THE PURPLE SEGMENT IN THE LAST SLIDE.Even the videos don't show it all but give them a good idea how much expert craftsmanship is put into you work.I find your tutorial hard to follow, perhaps because I am not a programmer.After you plane the face of the wood, put that face on the fence of your jointer to plane the edge."The ability to play chess is the sign of a gentleman.2017:neh 2018:not yet2019:wanna see an axe be made.My grandmother said this years ago.

But dude that sink is awesome!The problem is that these all rely on chance.Really enjoyed your video.This is your best video yet.Whats the discord ?This is very similar to the decoy.

Lean Wats

Master P is the Boss and raising Romeo to be the big boss

Jordan Wood

keep the ratings

Rezija Anna

9:53 its slenderman simbol!! Or elsa

mohamed salman

what a video what a work nicely done i love watching your works , i really do it tells a lot about the experience and the knowledge that you have your family is lucky to have you around thanks for sharing and waiting for the next one

Ryan Zheng

17:45 How many hands can there be!!!


What a disrespect to all those grandmasters, fun player!

Steven son

Tq bro i am completely doing all levels

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awesome video about chess

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Nalla film

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Karjakin jest Ukraicem wic nie jest rodakiem Griszczuka.

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wouldn't it be infinite?



David ETW

17:52Person in chat: Hey, Ant. How is the run going?Ant insame moment: Gets hit by quick attack. NOOOOOO!

Refke van Lavieren

Why do none of the layouts start with the number 0? they all start with 1.

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Beautiful !!! But what really ticks me off is anyone giving this build a thumbs down. Some people have no clue about working in a shop, owning tools, and taking a plank and turning it into a heirloom with your own 2 hands, one could only dream of being the proud recipient of. I tip my hat to you Nick, that is incredible !!!!!!

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