Bright moments after Ukraine Chess Championship 2020 U-20. 22/02/2020

White Rook moves d8 and gives to checkHere black has only one movie that is he can cover his king with the queen by moving c83.Looks fantastic.You make the video hindi.This was AWESOME!I have further questions.The thumbnail doesnt look easy at all.Xe trng n tng b7 sao hu en khng chiu d1 ri i hu ?

Just saying wow.Then the left one on the first to the right.Out of old bureau he made another old bureau.Did u forget the Halloween Gambit? The commentators were still sanguine and thought it was drawing but by move 42.It didn't seem like that was an all that decisive point in the game they were equal as far as I could tell.So there is no question that Agadmator is very skilled and his videos are very impressive.

Can I use Buttermilk intead of lemon and milk?And that to, in CHESS?This guy is completely awesome!Beautiful piece of wood techno-art.TAKE ME 2H TO MAKE ITcuz i mess up to much srry btw what a day i'm done with life!Most types of videos like this have terrible background music, but you included the best, suddle, most relaxing music I've heard in these videos.

Watching you spray made me cringe.Greenbreakcase 6:Button02.Oh, and don't "re-invent the wheel" with a more complicated alignment jig-- why "fix" what isn't broken?Did you got choke by some demon?Oh that high speed chipping is so satisfying.I have a problem." are blatantly lying, women can't help but fall for pieces of shit like him.Where could you buy one of those lasers?

Rxf5 %clk 0:02:41 Rxf5 %clk 0:02:36 White resigns.Absolutely awesome video!Oh god, none of them seem to know how to even play, i get its not normal chess but those other mechanics this game has are so easy to understand, for example, when white moves tower right in front of the king, that was stupid, white could had instead killed queen but nop, decided to get owned by king for no reason.It's an old saying from long ago, because people did not have guns and hunted birds to eat.In end game instead of bishop to b4.Tbh i would do that until i get a correct answer lmao.Make a dovetail box in 12 minutes but only after you've spent another 12 minutes measuring cutting sanding your wood.Scream OMG I got goose bumps when you said my son's name Aiden!

In 13:11 if white rook captures black rook after other black rook can to captures black queen don't have to captures white rook.Chess is played in the moment and rating is just a metric that measures win losses and never exams what happens in those games.The title of the video is pretty weird XD.This guy is a very descriptive narrator.Super quality please upload devadhoothan.BODMAS : Imma head out.Plz make one for me I will buy it.Make a tutorial for capture the flag plz.I’m and almost 14 and I enjoy your chess analysis.Could look at evapo rust remover.

Many of them serve as executioners for the major deities, such as Ra or Osiris, when ordered to punish humans on earth or in the netherworld.Games like this make my Bobby Fischer book seem moot.The beginning when he provokes the opponent by touching every pawn and from nowhere opens the game.Really good concept to avoid getting too wrapped up in the numbers of it all.And she didn’t mention it, but to indicate checkmate, you use a hashtag ().Excellent chess teacher.The Law of Large Numbers says that the odds will balance out in the long long long run, more than you will see in one game.

Great result, well

Great result, well

I didn't get any of that and now my head hertz.You know like in, the numbers used to build it.Did you build your table saw ?I have no clue why he changed up and started exploring idiotic avenues ten twelve moves ahead.Chess is a dangerous game.Taking notes here.If it was possibleNot all the people would be poor.Since you have used this mouse.Maybe you will like it.


Wow this is my first time watching this video and you. And this is some amazing work brother. Keep it up.


Qxg7 is stunning.Its this kind of move that makes chess such a wonderful game.


I don't see how black can win.

Richard Costa

What a monster

john N

If you can co troll the spinning so that it matches the shutter speed of the camera. That would be really cool...


carlsen is god

Lil Tracy

Hey Eric, can you make a video on the French defense

Vadim VeeVoit

Love your channel and love you too. Keep up the good work!!

Kira nycthopilia

Who the hell will move like that?

Marc John

Karpov was just the best at restricting his opponent from doing what they wanted to do, I love his style. It's not flashy at all, but he cuts you off from your plan and eventually you just suffocate in the position because he controls more space and you can't make any moves.

Ramses production

Thanks now I won every chess game at school when I said F4 is the best spot to put a pon