Break Ya Neck

I WANT BOUGT WERE SELL ?No idea he played with a coin.When you perform the operation of addition of 1 to itself which is a 1D translation you inadvertently and simultaneously create and imply every single branch of mathematics that exist!

My dream is to

My dream is to

Why does he repeat and why does black refuse to repeat with.I dont kow what to do with unused rolls spools and scrap.I remember this breaking the news.12:56 why not just take the rook?But other then that great video :).Like Ghengis Khan he doesn't know how to rule, just to conquer.Bishop takes e3 at 11:08 ?I am not an expert i did only a dozen in my life.

Secondly: nicely avoided horse swastika."Hyperbolic Time Chamber" :P.Did you apply water before burning ?I heard your cazy.Can you please upload more endgames?If yes, is it of any practical use for in scientific research?Nothing special he got carried by black mistake.1:31 before we even start, my thoughts:player 1 will always land on one color while P2 always on the other.10:55 Nc3 also threatens Qxc5.A terrible lack of respect and sportmanship to the opponent.

Weareallinlove, kidsandadmireofmethods.If I was a billionaire I wouldn’t show off my money I’d keep all my money and dress like a street person haha.No words, standing ovation!It is written Alekhine."Try DollarBrite.Best video on YouTube!ARMYkpop and kdrama fan ako, grabe!Maybe one of the unknown open tours is a true perfect magic square.

Kal El

to bad my wife is a clean freak. i can't even clip my own nails.

Ryan Berger

Lmao Dean Kamen (the segway inventor) is still alive:

Srikantan N

the trap at 27:00 is called the Elephant trap if people need more info, you can look it up on google :) i've used this in tournaments twice so far :) By the way, great speech 15:00 to 21:00

Habib Sulton

Setiap mau tidur gue dengerin ini


just wow!!

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How did Ramanujan calculate this? He was really great... Love for Ramanujan from Bangladesh


Brutal end game.

Harcourt Launderette

that is soooo cool

Wayne Kinoshita

It would be helpful for the beginner to know your measurements of your rails and stiles.It is also helpful to know the sizes sizes of your board considering the portion of your raised panels goes into the rails and stiles.If my horizontal measurement is 21 in. What size should my door be or does it depend on the style of door hinges.Thanks


I saw all the "he's cheating" comments about 1:30 but all he did was a king side castle.He knocked over the king and the pawn and he put the pawn back in it's place and moved the king one space over and swapped the rook on the other side of the king.Perfectly legal.The kid moved after indicating that he knew that it was a complete move and knew it was his turn after.I just don't know why he didn't complete the queen trade at the end.He would have been down a piece but it wouldn't be checkmate.Perhaps he resigned on purpose by letting the checkmate happen.

sandeep jacob

What if we came to earth as alien colonizers ??

Jim Milton


zog zog

Great Stuff!

Ajit V Gupta

Worst worst case .... Just 3 attempts First two attempts worst case you get the four dead cells Third attempt you will get a charged cell.

David Rank

30 buckaroo!

Deadly Chicken

Excellent video sir, i just added you to my subscriptions. I've very new to hand planes and this video gave me a ton of info

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Saddest title I’ve ever heard

Craig Tate

Neary nice. Love the look of it

Royal Republican

you can't say they go forever unless X


Esto es una belleza


Great tip for you camera problem bud, the high inte cr light yoyr using the part where its white from the light sometimes has problems focusing on the ibjrcts and the white light

1000 subs with no vid

Gen: Ouii but I’m okay..A few moments later...Also Gen: Ouiii I’m not okay! I’m not okay!!

Salvador Guerrero

Wow I admire how Ben has patience to explain kidscaptures that don't make sense like exchanging a queen for a knight... Other teachers just yalk about the main things

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The book Moe picks up is the demon ZOZO's full name