Break the Cup Game Walkthrough

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Very nice, i

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Sorry not fan of this one.

Sorry not fan of this one.

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Kalyan Chakravarthy Adusumumilli

It is easy but I can't solve lost level as Ican't match the center Only 2 centers are matched


So can someone explain why they drew instead of playing until one’s clock ran out and going for the win that way? I don’t really follow tournaments like this often, this just started popping up in my feed lol

Hallands Menved

20. Kg1 was such a dubious move! Wonder what could've been the purpose?

Qasi Kunju

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thank you)


How lucky we are to have the YouTube... and people like ChessNoir. It's pathetic that such an exciting game as chess -- especially blitz chess -- is so hard to come by on television. In my country no television ever presents anything to do with chess. There's hardly even mentioned. And just look how thrilling and exiting it can be! And as for knowing what's going on... Well, I'd say it's more difficult to make sense of ski-jumping :DBig thanks to the uploader!

Pallavi Sharma

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Great tutorial!!! Thank you!

noteezin m

I know you are sick of hearing this. But that is sick.....


13:53 queen at d3 was over dude


This kinda reminds me of playing 'War" back in highschool. 3 on one side, 3 on the other. Take an opponents piece and give it to a teammate to place on their board their turn.

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My cat took part to the experiment. I filmed her learning how to try catching the snake... :)))IA vs CAT... xD


I was expecting (and actually waiting for) "learning curve"...nice job Shaun!

Jake Rakazak

The optimal strategy would be1. Alice places the night in any 4x2 region,2. Bob moves the knight to the only legal position in that same 4x2 region,3. Alice is forced to move to a new region4. Bob moves back to the first 4x2 region,5. Alice does step 2.Continue.

Yuming Bian

4:00 couldn’t black just go queen a6 right? And then queen the pawn and win?

Doni Hakim

There's one thing that can beat him.......The robot thingy

Mudassir Sharif

Hi the bishop can’t move forward but only sideways

Sheila Mchgee

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Pedge Is Here

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Yash Singh

The move I learnt from this match. Dodge I repeat dodge every match which is narrated by sraaauuuddiiii ggaaauuyyy. Habibi my frrrriend

NaSianLua From YouTube

8:52!what name?

Frank Herman

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Earthbjorn Nahkaimurrao

very beautiful maths. absolutely love it. need more of these long version numberphiles!

tosu hoang minh 7.3

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Michael Harrison